• Many insurance companies are reimbursing patients for the implant as we code it as a procedure and provide you with detailed paperwork to file. You will be required to file for reimbursement of the pellet procedure if you elect to move forward.
  • Flex accounts and HSA accounts are always welcome as a form of payment for any medical procedure in our clinics.
  • We do file a facility fee for your procedure with your insurance company.

We take insurance for the lab work only; if your insurance does not cover or you have a high deductible we have negotiated excellent cash rates with the lab for our patients.

  • The cost for the insertion of pellets is $625-725 for men and $330 for women. Men need a much larger dose of testosterone than women and the cost is higher.
  • When compared to the cost of drugs to treat the individual symptoms of hormone decline, pellets are very cost effective, on average $1-2.00 per day.
  • 30 minute medical consultations are $150
  • 45min-1 hour medical consultations or office visits range from $175-250
  • ALL cosmetic/aesthetic consultations are complimentary
  • The actual pellets are not FDA approved, however the ingredients in the [pellets are highly FDA regulated.
  • Testosterone is a controlled substance and is highly regulated by the FDA.
  • Our partner compounding pharmacies 3rd party test their pellets for sterility, potency and purity.
  • We also prescribe other modalities such as creams, pills, patches and rapid dissolve tablets.
  • The initial bloodwork for any consultation in our clinics includes:
    • CBC
    • Chemistry panel
    • Full thyroid panel (including free T3 and thyroid antibodies)
    • Full hormone panel (testosterone free and total, SHBG, estradiol, FSH for women)
    • Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin
    • CRP (inflammatory marker)
    • HGA1C (diabetes marker)
  • Through our schedule now button, call our office or through the patient portal once you are an established patient.

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