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L-Theanine Support

L-Theanine Support is a professional grade nutraceutical product that has been packed with an amino acid known for helping the body regulate stress response, mood and cognitive function. L-theanine has been recognized for its ability to support enhanced production of various organic chemicals in the body, including Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), cortisol, dopamine, serotonin and tryptophan. Unfortunately, this essential amino acid is not produced naturally by the body and must be introduced either through nutraceutical products or dietary sources like green, white and black tea. L-theanine is also known for its ability to support other facets of optimal wellness, including healthy cardiovascular function, sleep patterns and immune function.

Support Optimal Whole Body Health

Reduced Risk of Anxiety

L-theanine has long been recognized for its anxiolytic properties, which work together to reduce the risk of anxiety during a natural stress response. Too much exposure to stress can lead to more serious conditions like anxiety, chronic stress and depression.

Cognitive Support

The feelings of calm that L-theanine has been known to promote can often support healthy cognitive function. A relaxed, calm state can often lead to optimal memory, focus and clarity.

Cardiovascular Support

Stress has long been viewed as one of the leading factors of high blood pressure. Over time, high blood pressure can lead to more serious hallmarks of cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and strokes. L-theanine has been known to support optimal cardiovascular health by helping the body regulate blood pressure levels.

Healthy Sleep Patterns

Not only can elevated stress make it more difficult to fall asleep, but poor sleep patterns are one of the most well-known sources of stress. Over time, this negative cycle has the potential to contribute to chronic stress. L-theanine has been recognized for its ability to help the body fall asleep faster with a reduced risk of sleep disturbances.

Immune Support

Inflammation is often at the root of many symptoms and health conditions that can have a negative impact on whole body health. Inflammation has also been known to have devastating effects on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where the majority of the body’s immune cells reside. The potent anti-inflammatory properties of L-theanine have been recognized for their support of healthy immune function.

The Science

The human body is a delicate environment wherein a vast network of organs and systems work together to promote optimal function and overall wellness. Some external factors, such as anxiety and stress, can create a more chaotic environment by reducing the function of these various organs and systems. To make matters worse, an estimated 30 percent of adults in the US have experienced some form of anxiety in their lives. The reason stress affects so many people is due to the fact that the human body is constantly trying to manage an effective and healthy response to stressful situations. To regulate the natural stress response, the human body contains a network of chemicals, receptors and hormones that work together to help return this environment to a balanced state. Fortunately, there is a wide array of organic chemical compounds and other nutrients found in nature that have the potential to support optimal whole-body health. Amino acids like L-theanine have been recognized for supporting a variety of processes and functions that contribute to overall function, and the nutraceutical industry currently offers a wide range of products that have been expertly developed with these organic chemical compounds.

L-theanine cannot be produced naturally by the body yet is essential to a range of processes that influence whole body health, which is why it is referred to as an essential amino acid. L-theanine can also be found naturally in certain mushrooms as well as white, green and black tea. This amino acid’s most prominent characteristic is its ability to assist the body in the production of various chemicals, including other amino acids, that assist in a variety of critical functions and processes. Some of the other chemicals include:

These chemicals often help promote feelings of calm, which is the core of the body’s natural stress response. When this process is running smoothly, the body can quickly return to a balanced state after encountering stressful situations. When the body encounters too much stress, however, the body can overproduce cortisol and lead to chronic stress.

The powerful influence stress holds over so many aspects of whole body health increases the need to provide the body with supportive organic compounds like L-theanine. While L-theanine can be obtained relatively easily in white, black and green tea, the high concentrations of caffeine found in tea can actually counteract any calming effects.

To avoid the side effects of caffeine, the nutraceutical industry has developed products like L-Theanine Support to promote consistent feelings of calm throughout the day. This professional grade nutraceutical product has been expertly developed with Suntheanine®, a patented synthetic formulation of L-theanine that has been recognized for its ability to promote feelings of calm without leading to the feelings of drowsiness that often accompany other L-theanine products.