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NAC 500

NAC 500 is a professional grade nutraceutical product that contains a potent amino acid known as N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). Amino acids are often viewed as building blocks of life due to their critical role in the production of proteins. This specific amino acid is also needed by the body for the production of glutathione, an organic chemical compound rich in antioxidant properties. While it is best known for supporting optimal wellness through its influence on the body’s response to oxidative stress, NAC has also been recognized for its ability to promote healthy immune, gastrointestinal (GI), respiratory, cognitive, cardiovascular, muscle and liver function.

The Ingredients

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

This strong influence over the body’s natural oxidative response makes it possible for NAC to support optimal whole body health through multiple avenues. Free radical oxidant molecules are constantly creating chaotic environments throughout the body by attempting to bond with stable atoms. When not addressed properly, oxidative stress can eventually lead to inflammation. NAC provides the body with potent antioxidant properties that have the potential to reduce the risk of the body suffering from a variety of symptoms and health conditions that include:

The Science

The human body is a large network of organs and systems working together to ensure optimal function on a daily basis. Unfortunately, having to rely on so many different components in order to function properly opens a lot of opportunities for potential issues to arise. The circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems are just some examples of these critical components of whole body health. The body’s immune system works around the clock to protect these and other components from the kinds of damage that can impact health and wellness, but even the immune system itself is vulnerable to adverse conditions that can reduce its overall function. Inflammation can often be at the root of issues in any part of the body, including the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where the majority of the body’s immune system resides. To further put the potential impact of this condition into perspective, inflammation can come from a variety of sources itself. Oxidative stress, which occurs when free radical oxidant molecules attempt to bond with stable atoms, is just one common source of inflammation that has the potential to produce negative impacts on whole body health. Fortunately, the body can also count on its own natural defenses in responding to oxidative stress. In order to enhance the convenience and consistency of the body’s utilization of antioxidant sources, the nutraceutical industry now offers a variety of products that have been expertly developed with specific nutrients and organic compounds known to support healthy oxidative response.

The relationship between antioxidants and free radical oxidant activity can best be described as a constant struggle for dominance. Free radical oxidant molecules do not take breaks from attempting to bond with more stable atoms, so a lack of antioxidant activity at any moment can lead to oxidative stress, inflammation and a host of potential health conditions and symptoms. If inflammation is not properly addressed in the GI tract, any resulting weakened immune function could lead to further issues that could have negative effects on whole body health. While inflammation has long been recognized for its effect on the immune system, it is also known to lead to other health conditions and symptoms, including:

Though the chaotic environment created by free radical oxidant activity often leads to inflammation, oxidative stress can lead to its own symptoms and conditions that can negatively impact whole body health, including:

On the bright side, there are countless sources of antioxidant properties that can be found both in nature and within the body itself. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), a powerful amino acid, is just one of the many potential antioxidant sources that can be found in the human body. The influence that NAC has on antioxidant activity can be traced to the fact that the body requires this amino acid for the production of an antioxidant-rich organic compound known as glutathione. The body can then utilize glutathione to support a healthy oxidative response and other aspects of optimal wellness.

Since the body is constantly trying to manage a proper oxidative response, the nutraceutical industry has developed products like NAC 500 to consistently support healthy antioxidant activity. This professional grade nutraceutical product has been expertly designed to promote optimal production of glutathione by supplying the body with highly bioavailable (absorbable) N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). In addition to its influence on healthy oxidative response, immune function and inflammatory response, NAC has also been known to promote optimal whole body health by supporting proper respiratory, cardiovascular, GI, muscle, cognitive and liver function.