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Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support combines a full profile of vitamins, micronutrients and organic chemical compounds that share the ability to support optimal thyroid function. In addition to promoting healthy thyroid function, this professional grade nutraceutical product has been expertly developed to support proper mood, appetite management, energy production and other various aspects of whole body health.

The Ingredients

B Vitamins

Vitamins B2, B6 and B9 are three vitamins from the B Complex that are known for their support of optimal thyroid production and function.

Manganese & Iodine

Manganese is required for the production of T4 hormones. Iodine is not only required by the body for thyroid hormone production, but it is also actually a component of both T3 and T4.

Copper & Tyrosine

Copper is needed by the body for both the production and absorption (bioavailability) of thyroid hormones, while tyrosine is required for thyroid hormone synthesis.

Plant Based Nutrients

Bacopa monnieri has been recognized for its ability to support optimal T4 production. Commiphora muku, an herb found in India, has been known to promote healthy concentrations of thyroid hormones in the bloodstream. Coleus forskohlii has the ability to influence thyroid function by enhancing the bioavailability of iodine.

The Science

Proper thyroid function is one of the many processes in the body required to maintain optimal whole body health. As is the case with other hormones, fluctuating thyroid hormone levels have the potential to have devastating impacts on overall wellness and quality of life. Consistently low thyroid levels, a condition known as hypothyroidism, often lead to a variety of symptoms that can chip away at whole body health. Hypothyroidism can be caused by health conditions and illnesses like Hashimoto’s disease, but it can often be the result of more natural causes as well. These natural causes, which include malnutrition and the natural aging process, can make it more difficult for some adults to maintain proper thyroid function. To make matters even worse, the ramifications of hypothyroidism have the potential to lead to more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease over time if not addressed properly. The good news is that the nutraceutical industry has developed a wealth of products that have been designed to support optimal thyroid production and function.

While Hasimoto’s disease and other illnesses qualify as primary causes of hypothyroidism, other factors like aging and malnutrition are referred to as secondary causes. These various secondary causes of hypothyroidism are often linked to poor function of the pituitary gland and manifest slowly over time. In fact, the risk of experiencing hypothyroidism increases for both men and women as they age.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism, whether from primary or secondary causes, can include:

Over time, these symptoms can keep building up if not addressed properly. The most common health condition associated with extended hypothyroidism is probably an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, because low levels of a specific thyroid hormone known as thyroxine can actually result in higher concentrations of cholesterol in the bloodstream. The accumulation of cholesterol is one of the leading factors in the development of cardiovascular disease, which can have lasting impacts on whole body health. Some of the other potential long-term impacts of hypothyroidism on whole body health include:

What does this mean for me?

Nutritional deficiencies don’t typically lead to hypothyroidism in the US due to the high content of iodine, which the body requires for the production of thyroid hormones, in Western diets. Iodine can be found in a wide variety of food sources that include seafood, meat, poultry and dairy products. While it can be difficult to experience hypothyroidism from malnutrition with a Western diet, that also means that ingesting iodine through food probably will not be adequate for addressing other sources of hypothyroidism like the natural aging process.

In severe cases of hypothyroidism, men and women often turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to address low levels of thyroid hormones. Fortunately, the nutraceutical industry offers products like Thyroid Support that can support optimal thyroid function, potentially reducing the risks of more serious health complications like cardiovascular function. Thyroid Support has been expertly developed with a variety of essential vitamins, micronutrients and minerals that  have been recognized for their shared ability to support healthy thyroid production and function. Loaded with nutrients that include iodine, copper, select B vitamins, chromium and L-tyrosine. To further support optimal thyroid production and function, each capsule of Thyroid Support has also been packed with thyroid-supporting herbal extracts, including Commiphora mukul, Bacopa monnieri and ForsLean® brand Coleus forskohlii extracts. The robust profile of vitamins and minerals in Thyroid Support have also been known to support other aspects of whole body health, including optimal mood, focus, energy levels and appetite management.