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Clarify 4.0

A comprehensive dietary supplement formulation targeted to support the production of dopamine which is involved in reward deficiency, and focus, Clarify 4.0 is for TRIAD 2 reward issues including eating past full, addictions, and other reward-based behavioral deficits as well as improvement in focus and mental clarity. 

Clarify 4.0 contains a powerful mix of dietary supplements that have been carefully selected for their ability to support healthy dopamine production, helping decrease food cravings while also promoting enhanced focus and clarity. This combination of theacrine, theobromine, mucuna seed and vitamins B2, B6, B9 and B12 also supports the body throughout a number of other critical processes that include energy production, proper metabolism and healthy cardiovascular function.

The Ingredients

B Vitamins

Clarify 4.0 contains vitamin B2, B6, B9, and B12. These vitamins help with metabolism and methylation. They are also very important for adrenal functioning and mitochondrial energy function.

In addition to their ability to support proper brain function and dopamine production, the B vitamins found in Clarify 4.0 are known to support enzymes during many other critical processes in the body that include energy production, digestion, healthy eyesight, healthy nerve function, red blood cell production, hormone production, healthy cardiovascular function and the breaking down of fats and carbohydrates.

Mucuna Seeds

Mucuna seeds support healthy dopamine levels. This is important in managing the reward cascade and decreasing craving symptoms. In laboratory animal studies and in human trials, mucuna has been reported to possess antiparkinsonian and to have neuroprotective effects.

Mucuna pruriens is more commonly known as velvet bean, and its seeds have been used for many years for their ability to support memory and cognitive health. These seeds also help support dopamine production, which can help decrease food cravings. Mucuna seeds also have antioxidant properties and have been known to support healthy sex drive as well.


Theacrine is a purine alkaloid found most often in the leaves of a specific tea plant species known as Camelia Kucha. This dietary supplement has become popular due to its ability to support healthy mood and cognitive function. Theacrine also helps support energy production, as well as the body’s natural response to both oxidative stress and inflammation.

Theacrine has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neurolocomotor properties. Preliminary research has also reported increased feelings of energy, reduced fatigue, and strong effects on improving focus, concentration, and motivation to exercise.


Theobromine is an alkaloid compound that can also be found in tea leaves as well as cacao plants. This compound has long been lauded for its ability to support alertness, healthy mood and proper cognitive function. In addition to also displaying antioxidant  and anti-inflammatory properties, theobromine helps support healthy cardiovascular function, balanced cholesterol levels, quality sleep and proper lung function.

Theobromine is a catabolic product of caffeine and has properties like those of caffeine, including mental alertness and slight stimulation.

The Science

The potent combination of dietary supplements that make up the formula of Clarify 4.0 support the body throughout a wide variety of critical functions. This mix of theacrine, theobromine, mucuna seed and four essential B vitamins was assembled for the shared ability to promote healthy dopamine production. Healthy levels of dopamine can then lead to a decrease in food cravings with enhanced focus, mental clarity and overall cognitive function.

Dopamine has long been recognized for its ability as a neurotransmitter to help promote feelings of calm, but it also plays a crucial role in a number of vital processes and behaviors in the body, including the behaviors that pertain to motivation and reward. These two behaviors are so intertwined with eating and appetite that they are often referred to as the dopamine reward system or circuit. Dopamine helps the brain feel satiated after eating enough food so that there is no need to eat more.

Dopamine also contributes heavily to the many aspects of healthy cognitive function, including memory, focus and mood. The motivation and reward behaviors also come into play with decision-making, which helps people decide whether a mental task is worth doing. This specific behavior is heavily involved in the ability to focus. 

Theacrine, theobromine, mucuna seeds, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 (which is responsible for the production of vitamin B6) all contribute to the production of dopamine. Without neurotransmitters like dopamine, the body simply would not be able to function properly.


The potent vitamins and dietary supplements in Clarify 4.0 can help the body with many functions that go beyond the reward system and cognitive function, including:

Toxicity, Contraindications, and Side Effects

There are no known toxicity or side effects from taking ingredients found in Clarify 4.0 when taken in the recommended dose. Use with caution if taking L-DOPA or Sinemet (carbidopa-levodopa). The mucuna in Clarify 4.0 is standardized to 40% L-DOPA. Theobromine may increase diuresis. Use with caution in those with cardiovascular conditions and/or on diuretic and cardiovascular medications. Theobromine may increase heart rate, so use with cause in those with cardiovascular issues.