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HRT Complete (E)

HRT Complete (E) from EVEXIAS Health Solutions is a powerful nutraceutical that contains a potent mix of vitamins, natural compounds and essential nutrients that have been carefully selected for their shared ability to support proper hormone metabolism, especially with estrogen. HRT Complete (E) helps support whole body health not only by promoting balanced levels of estrogen but also with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

The Ingredients


A standardized extract of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), an herb that has long been used in Eastern medicine for its ability to address vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats by helping the body balance estrogen levels. In addition to its hormone-balancing properties, FenuSMART also supports healthy cardiovascular function and insulin metabolism

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

A natural compound with antioxidant properties that supports healthy energy production in the body. While CoQ10 is found naturally in the body, production slows with age. CoQ10 also supports proper hormonal balance by promoting the healthy metabolism of lipids (cholesterol and fat).

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

A natural compound produced by the body. DIM is the chemical result of the body breaking down cruciferous vegetables that include kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. DIM has been recognized for both its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and it is often used in tandem with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to its ability to help the body metabolize estrogen and testosterone.


A natural compound found within the cruciferous vegetables themselves. Sulforaphane has long been recognized for both its anti-inflammatory and blood sugar-regulating properties.

Methylated B Vitamins

Methylated B Vitamins (B6, B12, Folate) are three B vitamins that have been carefully selected for their shared ability to promote healthy estrogen production in the liver. These “body ready” B vitamins also support the production of the enzymes that are responsible for estrogen conversion.

The Science

Estrogen is one of the most well-known sex hormones in the human body, especially in regards to women’s health. When estrogen levels drop as part of the natural aging process, sexual health will often be one of the earliest aspects of overall health to suffer as a result. Yet, symptoms related to sexual health are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to diagnosing the symptoms of low estrogen levels. The reality is that low estrogen is a condition that can negatively affect overall health and wellness in a variety of ways, and it can even lead to more serious health issues like osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, estrogen’s wide range of functions and responsibilities in the body also mean that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using estrogen has the potential to promote whole body health and reduce the risks of many serious health conditions.

When estrogen levels drop as women transition from perimenopause to menopause, the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can start to chip away at a body’s overall sense of well-being. Low estrogen levels can lead to a wide variety of life-altering symptoms, including:

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Hormonal Imbalance

For many years, HRT has provided hope for people suffering from the negative effects of hormonal imbalance. While any hormone could potentially be the source of an imbalance, sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone are two of the most common. HRT was developed to address hormonal imbalances in order to reduce excess body fat, support healthy sleep patterns, promote strong bones, help build lean muscle, promote healthy cardiovascular function and support healthy sexual function. HRT can be administered through a wide variety of methods that include pills, gels, creams, liquid injections and bioidentical pellet implants. 

HRT featuring bioidentical hormone pellets has the potential to enhance whole body help by promoting consistent hormonal balance, especially when used in tandem with professional grade nutraceuticals like HRT Complete (E) from EVEXIAS Health Solutions. HRT Complete (E) contains a potent mix of vitamins, essential nutrients and natural compounds that have been carefully selected for their ability to help the body metabolize and utilize estrogen more efficiently. HRT Complete (E) was developed specifically for the purpose of augmenting enhancing estrogen replacement therapy and could potentially make HRT more effective. Whether its with bioidentical hormone pellets, cutting-edge nutraceuticals or individualized lifestyle management assistance, the highly-trained specialists at EVEXIAS Medical Centers have all of the most effective tools at their disposal to help women and men optimize whole body health.