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Double Chin

Do you have a double chin that you are not happy with? Discover the causes of double chin and what you can do to get rid of it.

Double chins are a common feature, but they can have a significant impact on self-esteem. Survey results show that 47 percent of respondents report being bothered by the appearance of the area under their necks. A further 49 percent said that their neck area negatively impacts the way they look.

Unlike other areas of the body, your neck is almost always on display. Sagging skin or the appearance of a double chin can also be a natural result of aging and make you look older than you actually are.

Fortunately, there are various ways you can target a double chin.

Common Causes of a Double Chin

Understanding the causes of a double chin can help you decide how best to target the area.

Excess Fat

One of the most common causes of a double chin is excess fat. According to statistics, roughly 41% of the US population struggles with obesity.

If you are battling excess weight or body fat, this could be the biggest contributing cause. However, you don’t need to experience weight gain to have a double chin.

People with a low BMI can also accumulate excess fat in the neck area.


Although a double chin can be the result of lifestyle factors and an increased BMI, genetics can also play a role.

Genetics is the main influence on the chin’s structural formation. The tendency to hold and accumulate fat in the neck area, which is clinically known as submental fat, can be determined very much by your genes.


Age is another of the main causes of a double chin. As we age, our skin naturally thins and loses some of its elasticity, plumpness, and moisture.

Less bounce and elasticity in the skin, along with gravity, causes sagging in the facial and neck tissues. All of this can contribute to the appearance of a double chin.


Posture can also play a role in the appearance of a double chin. If you predominately hold your head forward with a slack jaw and curve in your upper back, this can cause the muscles in your neck and jaw to weaken, resulting in less definition in the lower face and neck regions.

Are you experiencing a double chin?

How can you reduce your double chin?

There are various ways you can get rid of a double chin.

Diet and exercise is always a good place to start if your are looking to reverse the signs of aging.

For a more targeted approach at home, you can try double chin exercises and stretches wile also working on improving your posture.

If you want fast and almost guaranteed results, you can also look into in-office therapies such as KYBELLA.

Diet and Exercise

If you are struggling with excess weight or slow metabolism, you may be able to reduce your double chin through lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and increased exercise, sleep, and water intake. You can also look into the underlying causes behind weight gain and target them with treatments like hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Getting fit and healthy may not get rid of a double chin entirely, but it will most likely have a positive impact on your neck area and overall well-being.

Besides making changes to support a healthy lifestyle, you can also try some double chin exercises. These exercises are designed to strengthen and tone the muscles in your jaw, palate, and neck for an improved appearance.

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Exercises to Target Double Chin

Besides making changes to support a healthy lifestyle, you can also try these double chin exercises. 

Straight Jaw Jut

Tilt your head back and looking up to the ceiling. Push your button jaw forward until you feel a stretch in your neck.

Bottom Jaw Jut

Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Turn your head slightly to the right and push your jaw forward. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat on the other side. 

Ball Exercise

For this exercise, you will need a 9-10 inch ball. Place it under your chin and then press down against the ball. Repeat several times per day for best results. 

Neck Stretch

Tilt your head back and look towards the ceiling. Press your tongue flat up against the roof of your mouth and hold for 10 seconds. 

Tongue Stretch

With your head held straight, stick out your tongue as far as it will go. Then, lift the tip and curl it towards your nose. Hold for 10 seconds. 

Pucker Up

Tilt your head back. Look towards the ceiling. Pucker up your lips into a kiss. Hold for a few seconds and then release.

Cosmetologist makes lipolytic injections to burn fat on the chin, cheeks and neck of a woman against double chin. Female aesthetic cosmetology in a beauty salon.Cosmetology concept.

Get Rid of a Double Chin with EVEXIAS Medical Centers

Although at-home double chin exercises and lifestyle changes can help to start reducing a double chin, these methods take a lot of time a dedication. Results can also vary widely and you may not see a noticeable difference after a few months of religiously doing your neck exercises.

If you want a method that gives faster, more pronounced results, you could opt for in-office treatments for a double chin, such as KYBELLA. 

There are a few different procedures that can be used for minimizing a double chin, including fat freezing and laser therapy. However, KYBELLA is making the case for being the most effective method available. 

Kybella Injections

KYBELLA therapy uses deoxycholic acid injections to break down moderate-to-severe fat in the neck area. Deoxycholoic acid is a naturally occurring compound that the body produces to help break down and absorb dietary fat. 

Thanks to this, KYBELLA physically destroys fat cells. Not only can KYBELLA therapy get rid of a double chin, but it can restore definition, re-contour your face and restructure your profile. 

KYBELLA is also the very first and only injectable treatment for a double chin that is approved by the FDA. 

Say goodbye to your double chin today!

As you can see, there are a few ways you can target a double chin. Improving diet and overall health is always a great place to start. If you have the time and the patience, you can also try out neck exercises. 

If you want immediate, more definite results, then an in-office treatment such as KYBELLA therapy is the best solution.