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Regenerative Medicine

From sports injuries to sexual health to chronic illness, time and everyday life take a toll on the body. Fortunately, we live in a time where we don’t have to accept the signs of aging, injuries, or declining health that come with it. And we’re not talking about resorting to pills, medical devices, and other treatments traditionally used to mask and manage symptoms.

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself! We have all witnessed cuts, scrapes, and broken bones healing, not to mention our ability to recover from colds, viruses, and other illnesses. But sometimes, the body could use a little help. Thanks to science—via recent advances in cellular therapy, technology, nutritional support and functional medicine—EVEXIAS is committed to helping patients get well, stay well and live well.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

The definition of regenerative medicine has evolved over the years, especially as science, technology, and alternative therapies have advanced. At its core, regenerative medicine is centered on healing the body through therapies and technology. These tools enable the body to repair, restore and regenerate aging, damaged and malfunctioning tissues, organs and bodily systems.

Some regenerative therapy treatments involve cell therapies (like stems cells and exosomes) or medical devices (like those used in Acoustic Wave Therapy) to help stimulate and regenerate tissue growth. As functional medicine practitioners, Dr. Terri DeNeui and her team also rely on intensive laboratory testing (with tools like the Metabolic Code®) to identify the root cause of disease and poor health. This insight enables us to prescribe appropriate treatments (hormone therapy, nutritional supplements, gut health therapy, etc.) to restore health.

Who can benefit from regenerative medicine treatments?

Regenerative therapies may be used to treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions—from sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence, to weekend warrior injuries and cardiovascular disease. Some patients also benefit from regenerative medicine to replenish a weakened immune system, restore aging skin, and resolve chronic disease states.

If you think you may benefit from regenerative medicine, schedule and appointment with an expert at EVEXIAS Medical Centers to learn more today.

Common conditions treated with regenerative medicine therapies

Are you experiencing any of these conditions?

Regenerative Medicine Treatments and Therapies at EVEXIAS

Acoustic Wave Therapy

A safe, natural treatment for ED, BPH, pain relief, and cellulite

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), also known as low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy, uses sound vibrational waves to stimulate tissue and promote healing. AWT may be used to treat sexual dysfunction in men, including erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). AWT has also been shown to benefit patients seeking relief from chronic pain conditions and to reduce cellulite. 

Help your body heal with regenerative medicine therapies at EVEXIAS Medical Centers

If you want to regain control of your health and your life, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the options available to you through regenerative medicine. Whether you struggle with sexual dysfunction, incontinence, chronic disease, pain, injuries, weight loss, or insomnia—or you have aesthetic concerns—EVEXIAS offers a variety of treatments and therapies to help patients truly heal, once and for all.

We invite you to schedule an appointment at EVEXIAS to learn more. During your consultation you will meet with a health practitioner to discuss your concerns and goals. Our team will then perform necessary labs and create a treatment plan customized to your needs, desires, and lifestyle.

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