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Synapsin LPT

Synapsin LPT has been expertly developed to provide the body with Asian ginseng using liposome platform technology (LPT) for enhanced bioavailability (absorbability). LPT was designed to use liposome particles as protective sheaths around micronutrients in nutraceutical products. Each chewable tablet of Synapsin LPT contains a potent phytocompound known as Rg3 that is commonly found in Asian ginseng. Rg3 has long been lauded for its ability to support various aspects of whole body health, including healthy energy production, cognitive function and inflammatory response. To further ensure that this supportive phytonutrient can survive the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, each capsule of Synapsin LPT has been created with protective LPT sheaths.

The Ingredients

Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng)

has long been utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to influence cardiovascular function by supporting optimal cholesterol level and blood sugar regulation. This herb that comes from the roots of a plant found in East Asia is commonly concentrated in the form of an extract.

Ginsenoside Rg3 (from fermented C.A. Meyer Panax ginseng)

Rg3 is a ginsenoside phytocompound that has been used for centuries for its strong anti-inflammatory properties. Over time, Rg3 has been recognized for its ability to support optimal metabolic function, insulin production, cognitive function, blood glucose management and oxidative response. This ginsenoside molecule is commonly extracted by steaming the roots of the Asian ginseng plant.

The Science

The human body relies on a vast network of systems and processes in order to function at an optimal level on a daily basis. A wide array of micronutrients and vitamins help the various parts of the body support whole body health by functioning properly. Some of these nutrients occur in the body naturally, but others must be ingested first before they can be utilized by the body for their supportive traits. To help the body acquire these external nutrients, nature provides a wide range of plants, herbs and other natural sources that are rich in essential nutrients that are known to contribute to optimal whole body health. One of these sources, an herb known as Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), has been used for centuries to support various aspects of whole body health. Many of the supportive characteristics of Asian ginseng can be traced to a powerful ginsenoside molecule it contains known as Rg3. While Rg3 is typically not highly bioavailable (absorbable) and can struggle to survive the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, the nutraceutical industry has made strides in developing products that can deliver Rg3 throughout various parts of the body more effectively.

Found growing naturally in the mountains of East Asia, Panax ginseng has long been recognized for its positive effects on cardiovascular health, inflammatory response and energy production. Panax ginseng would traditionally be served in the form of tea that has been created by boiling the plant’s roots. For centuries, this herbal remedy was lauded for its ability to promote healthy cardiovascular function through supporting optimal cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Additionally, its potent anti-inflammatory properties always made Panax ginseng a trusted source of immune system support. Of course, obtaining this specific tea is not necessarily easy for everyone to do. Fortunately, the nutraceutical industry has developed products that can conveniently deliver Panax ginseng to the body on a more consistent basis.

When looking at Panax ginseng at the microscopic level, the reasons behind this herbal remedy’s ability to support optimal whole body health become even more clear. Panax ginseng contains certain phytocompounds that have the ability to provide additional support to overall wellness. Rg3 is just one of these phytocompounds, and this potent molecule is actually extracted from Panax ginseng by steaming the roots into a concentrated solution. Rg3 extract has not only been recognized for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but it has also been known to support other unique aspects of whole body health.

Rg3 has become specifically known for its influence on metabolic function, which can have ripple effects on cardiovascular function by reducing the risk of excess body fat. This powerful molecule has also been recognized for its ability to support optimal cardiovascular function through other avenues, such as promoting healthy blood pressure and levels of both insulin and blood pressure.

In addition to providing cardiovascular support, Rg3 has shown an ability to promote healthy cognitive function as well. More specifically, the strong anti-inflammatory properties of Rg3 have been recognized for their neuroprotective potential. By protecting crucial receptors, this phytonutrient shows an ability to reduce the risk of memory loss, concentration problems and other cognitive issues.

The nutraceutical industry has spent years developing products like Synapsin LPT that contain Rg3 and also try to account for its lack of bioavailability. Each chewable tablet of Synapsin LPT is packed with powerful Rg3 molecules. To help ensure that these molecules can survive the harsh conditions presented in the GI tract and other parts of the body, each molecule has been expertly designed with the enhanced protection and durability of liposome platform technology (LPT). Equipped with a protective liposomal sheath, each Rg3 molecule has a better chance of being quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and transported throughout the body to be utilized wherever needed. Synapsin LPT also does not require the significant amounts of heat that are necessary during the production of nutraceuticals developed with liquid liposomes, so the liposome particles can stay separated and be more readily absorbed.