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IV Therapy

Don't just treat symptoms. Discover how you can boost your health proactively with an intravenous infusion of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Did you know that the average person may experience as many as four colds every year? A person may be more susceptible to getting sick if they don’t have the right vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep them healthy. This is why IV nutrient therapy is so important.

But what kind of therapy is this exactly, and how can it help improve your immune system and your overall health? It all has to do with the way these important nutrients are delivered directly into to bloodstream. Discover just how effectively IV therapy can promote optimal health.

What is IV Nutrient Therapy?

IV nutrient therapy uses an IV to deliver important nutrients into the body. Though a nutritious diet is still vitally important, it can take time for nutrients to get through the digestive system and into the tissues and cells. 

In the current US food system, it is rather difficult for any human to eat the amount of food required to meet even the most basic nutritional needs. Therefore, to achieve optimization, varied types of supplementation are required.

An easier way to provide your body with vitamins and minerals is to use IV treatment. IV nutrient therapy directly delivers a wide variety of nutrients directly into your bloodstream, speeding up desired outcomes, such as immune support, advanced hydration, and more. 

We take an integrative approach to resolving cold symptoms. Contact us to schedule an appointment with an EVEXIAS healthcare practitioner today!

Benefits of IV Therapy

The main benefit of this kind of vitamin therapy is that it will provide your body with a healthy foundation. This does not mean that IV therapy will prevent the cold or flu. However, the therapy has been designed to support your immune system and your overall health so that you will have a stronger and faster immune response. 

IV nutrient therapy enhances the sense of well-being and energy in many cases as well. This is because you are giving your body all the most important nutrients it needs to function optimally. This therapy is effective for specific conditions like allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, muscle spasms, and more. While IV therapy is not a cure, it supports symptom relief or reduced severity of symptoms. 

Myers' Cocktail

Myers’ cocktail is a specific IV nutrient blend of vitamin B complex, vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid) and magnesium.

The Myers’ cocktail is not a new innovation but dates back nearly 30 years to support immunity and offer enhanced defense against the common cold or boost support when flu season rolls around. The ingredients in this blend include antioxidant and energy support, including vitamin C and an assortment of B vitamins. Many people who try this blend often report feeling more energetic, more alert, and healthier overall.

Immune Boost

Immune boost is another IV blend available to promote immunity. As the name suggests, it is designed to boost your immune system as much as possible. It does this with its unique ingredients, such as glutathione, zinc, and high dose vitamin C.

All of these nutrients promote optimal functioning, enhancing your capacity to manage the stress than can hamper your immune system. Immune boost is also a good IV to try when you are currently sick. The high dose vitamin therapy will give your body the proper nutrients to fight off minor illness, like the cold or flu.

Is IV Therapy Right for You?

IV therapy can be a routine part of your wellness or something you add on specific occasions, such as travel, allergy, cold and flu seasons, or periods of high stress. Your provider can help you build a treatment plan that includes IV therapy at just the right intervals to improve your immunity and enhance your overall health.

For the Traveler

Travelers tend to get sick easily, because they are constantly exposed to spaces and surfaces that serve many people day in and day out. Lots of people means lots of germs and bacteria exposure.

And, if you are on the road a lot, you can experience more stress than someone who travels less. Changes in time zones, air quality, diet, sleep/wake schedules, and more can cause stress even if you are a seasoned traveler. The body prefers routine.

IV therapy is an easy way for “road warriors” to strengthen immunity and give your body an added boost against the stress. Even if you’re not a road warrior but have some space dedicated to travel for work or fun on the calendar, an IV therapy session can help protect you against the increased exposure to germs and bacteria.

For Protection Against the Impacts of Stress

Stress is a necessary and natural part of life. However, certain people or projects at work can increase your exposure to stress. So can holidays with family, tragedies, illness, and more. When stress levels go up, immunity can go down. Your body could use extra support during these times, especially when stress is prolonged.

IV therapy can help reduce inflammation, boost immune function, and provide energy for managing those challenging situations.

For Allergy, Cold, and Flu Season

Allergy season is the worst. Different pollen can impact different people at all times of year. If you are among the unlucky few, you may be impacted by allergies all year long because of the variations of pollen that is prevalent throughout the year in Texas. Itchy, watery eyes can really affect your mood, energy, sleep, and more. IV therapy can give your body the boost it needs to handle allergies and reduce the intensity of symptoms. 

Cold and flu season can put you and your family behind at work and school, interfering with even the most well-laid plans. IV therapy can provide that much-needed boost to reduce risk of getting sick or improve your body’s ability to fight off the illness faster.

Think you're a candidate for IV therapy?

Boost and Repair with IV Therapy at EVEXIAS Medical Centers

IV nutrient therapy is arguably one of the best therapies on the market for a boost when you need it most. It is a vital part of any optimal health routine. IV therapy supports enhanced maintenance of the necessary vitamins and nutrients required to promote immunity, reduce inflammation, and support energy. 

To learn more about IV therapy with EVEXIAS Medical Centers, contact us today.