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    hormone therapy
    for women

    Learn how hormone optimization with pellet therapy helps resolve stubborn weight gain, sexual dysfunction, aging skin, mood swings and more.

    hormone optimization
    for men

    Discover how natural, testosterone pellet therapy rejuvenates physical and sexual health with as few as two to three office visits per year.

    cosmetic solution

    Learn how rejuvenating skin and body treatments can help you look and feel your best when nature and science converge to turn back time.

    prp therapies

    Find out how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies can accelerate healing, revitalize skin and improve sexual function so you feel young again.

    “The service is always top notch and the ladies who work at the Southlake location remember customer names and treat customers with respect and dignity. They are all extremely professional.”


    We are the premier provider of life-changing technologies for people experiencing changes in life.

    As we age, hormone levels naturally decline and sexual dysfunction, weight gain, energy loss and pre-mature aging result. If you’re frustrated with traditional approaches to hormone replacement therapy – daily treatments with rollercoaster results – it’s time for a change. Our scientific and holistic approach to wellness – hormone optimization with pellet therapy, PRP therapies and cosmetic solutions – delivers life-changing results.


    tony’s story

    “Daily testosterone creams just weren’t providing consistent results for me, and they were a hassle. With pellet therapy, I have more energy and my sexual stamina has returned. What a life changer!”
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    hormone replacement therapy

    middle aged man

    stephanie’s story

    “I met Brandy weighing 215 pounds, with a known issue with my thyroid, called hypothyroidism. I never knew it impacted my weight, but as soon as I received my first pellet and found my new energy, I have been moving strong with my fitness efforts!”
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    stephanie’s story


    natural holistic effective

    look your
    very best

    andrew’s story

    “Hair loss runs in my family and the thought of getting hair plugs freaked me out. So glad your team introduced me to non-invasive hair replacement treatments that really work!”
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    cosmetic solutions

    middle aged man

    ellen’s story

    “I had been dealing with progressively worse incontinence issues and thought I’d just have to accept it. Thanks to PRP therapy, my incontinence has subsided and I feel young again.”
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    prp therapies

    middle aged woman

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