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Meet Erica Watson, Assistant Manager of Operations


Erica Watson is a certified Medical Office Manager lending to expertise in financial management and managed delivery. She brings years of experience in a variety of roles in the medical industry as well as a veteran team member of EVEXIAS Medical Centers.

She began her journey at EVEXIAS Medical Centers working at the front desk before expanding her responsibilities to include overseeing HIPAA and OSHA compliance and supporting the training and education of new bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) practitioners. This varied spectrum of responsibilities and training has prepared Erica for her current role as Assistant Manager of Operations. 

After earning her certification as a medical assistant in 2003, Erica quickly developed the skills necessary to manage a safe, efficient medical practice. She was responsible for a number of essential duties in the office, including billing, scheduling appointments, insurance verification, administering injections, collecting lab specimens for tests and maintaining clean examination rooms and treatment areas. 

Erica Watson
Assistant Manager of Operations

After spending a decade honing her skills as a medical assistant, Erica then worked her way up to Lead Certified Assistant/OSHA Officer at a family medicine practice. In that role, she transitioned towards being responsible for more administrative responsibilities. These responsibilities included coordinating safety training courses and worker education programs, monitoring processes and recommending methods for improvement and implementing protections to eliminate potentially hazardous processes. At the same time, Erica was still thriving in her duties as a medical assistant, which included measuring vital signs, maintaining and updating patient information in electronic medical records and assisting practitioners with examinations, procedures, and patient preparations. 

In 2016, Erica brought this wide array of skills to work at EVEXIAS Medical Centers as a certified medical assistant. In this role, she ran a clean, safe, and efficient office. Drawing from her years of experience, she was able to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the examination rooms while also being able to perform all of the necessary administrative duties regarding appointments and patient records. 

In 2019, Erica decided to put her knowledge of safety and medical office processes to work as EVEXIAS Health Solutions in her role as a Practice Development Specialist. This position really allowed her abilities to instruct and train to shine. Erica recorded instructional videos to support training platforms, recommended process improvements to increase patient retention, trained and evaluated other instructors and created training manuals and supplementary materials to help employees better understand the material. 

Working in all of these different roles and capacities has trained Erica Watson for her current position of Assistant Manager of Operations. Being able to recognize how certain processes could be improved while keeping an eye on the future needs of the company make Erica the perfect person to help lead EVEXIAS Medical Centers into thefuture.

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