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Adapt CNS

Adapt-CNS contains a potent combination of adaptogenic nutraceuticals that help support the body’s natural stress response and proper overall adrenal function. This powerful mix of Cordyceps, rhodiola, Thai ginseng and Schisandra berry also promotes healthy immune and cardiovascular function, metabolism, energy levels and more.

The Ingredients


Cordyceps is actually an entire genus of parasitic fungi with over 400 different species. Cordyceps species help support the body’s immune response with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and they are known for their ability to help regulate blood sugar levels as well.


Rhodiola is an herb with roots that are classified as adaptogens, which means that they help the body respond to stress. In addition to assisting the body with its natural stress response, rhodiola also has antioxidant properties, helps promote healthy energy levels, supports proper brain function and helps manage blood sugar levels.


Thai Ginseng

Thai ginseng is another powerful antioxidant that also supports proper cognitive function, sexual health and energy levels. Additionally, Thai ginseng helps the body regulate blood sugar, support proper insulin resistance and promote healthy weight management.


Schisandra is a vine that bears fruit. While it is not often used as a source of food, schisandra has been known to support the body in a number of critical processes that include cardiovascular function, stress response and cognitive function.

The Science

The powerful mix of adaptogenic nutraceuticals found in Adapt-CNS have been carefully selected for their ability to help the body address rising levels of cortisol during times of stress. The release of cortisol is a part of the body’s natural stress response. High levels of cortisol, which can be triggered by chronic stress, can contribute to a wide variety of health issues and conditions. Adaptogens, like those found in each capsule of Adapt-CNS, are classified for their ability to support the body during times of stress and help the body maintain hormonal balance.

Each adaptogen found in Adapt-CNS also helps the body in many other ways. Cordyceps, an entire genus of parasitic fungi consisting of over 400 species, also help regulate blood sugar and support the body’s response to both oxidative stress and inflammation. Rhodiola is an herb with adaptogenic roots that also supports healthy energy levels, proper response to oxidative stress and damage, proper brain function and balanced blood sugar levels. Thai ginseng is another antioxidant that helps support adequate energy levels and healthy sexual function. Schisandra is a vine that bears fruit with seeds that support healthy cardiovascular and cognitive function.

Each capsule of Adapt-CNS contains the adaptogenic properties of Cordyceps, rhodiola, Thai ginseng and Schisandra. Each one of these nutraceuticals has their own set of benefits, but what they all have in common is that they are known to support a healthy stress response. The body’s adrenal glands release cortisol during times of stress, and that is perfectly normal. However, sustained periods of high stress can trigger a number of negative health impacts that include:

Sometimes, stress can increase to a point where adaptogens can only help so much. That is the point where a highly-trained medical practitioner, like those found at EVEXIAS Medical Centers, can help figure out the next steps by obtaining an accurate measurement of hormone levels through close analysis of cutting edge lab tests. This analysis can then help optimize overall health and wellness from the root causes of many potential health conditions and issues. EVEXIAS Medical Centers offer a wide range of therapy options, from professional grade nutraceuticals to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) featuring EvexiPEL, a superior form of pellet therapy developed by Dr. Terri DeNeui after 15 years of research. The highly-trained experts at EVEXIAS Medical Centers can help find a combination of nutraceuticals and more advanced therapies to help the body respond to stress and other health issues that can be exacerbated by hormonal imbalance.