Bellafill®: Combat Smile Lines and Acne Scars

When it comes to dermal fillers, the options are endless! However, not every filler is created equal. And, they certainly aren't intended to target the same issues. Many patients seeking aesthetic treatments love fillers because you can see immediate results! They can make a huge difference in your overall appearance. Many

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Skincare Routine: Take Control of Your Skin This Summer

Having a dedicated skincare routine is essential, but did you know you should be switching things up seasonally? At the start of every summer, we all expect a beautiful, glowing complex. However, the Texas heat and humidity can do everything but make our skin attractive.  Instead, we are forced to

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Adrenal Fatigue: What Causes It?

Adrenal fatigue – like many things in the medical field – is a controversial topic. It refers to a collection of symptoms, ranging from anxiety to sleeplessness to extreme fatigue. Also known as Addison’s disease, adrenal insufficiency is a related but more specific condition, which refers to an insufficient production

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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Finding the Right Path

When it comes to treating hormonal imbalance, there is no uniform approach. Yet, many in the medical field continuously prescribe “band-aid” treatments that may work for some but don't offer all patients optimal results, nor do they address their full scope of health concerns and symptoms. Hormonal imbalance can come

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PRP Therapy: Why It’s Amazing

There’s often a lot of talk around women’s health, wellbeing, hormones, menopause, and the list could go on and on, but when it comes to women’s sexual health? Radio silence. Although many women suffer from sexual dysfunction (over a quarter of all women), there’s little conversation and knowledge around successful

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IV Therapy: A Long-Term Approach to Wellness

In recent years you've probably heard about a new proactive and preventative treatment option, IV nutrition therapy. While some dismiss IV therapy as a fad, there's real research that shows there are lasting benefits. These benefits can help patients seeking wellness save on healthcare in the long-run. So, if you're

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Skincare: Summer Steps to Follow

Hot weather, sweat, dirt, and long hours in the sun are sure to do a number on your skin this summer. Keep your body’s largest organ safe with a few simple tips. Having a dedicated skincare routine is essential, but did you know you should be switching things up seasonally?

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Botox: How It Curbs Excessive Sweating

Before we jump into today's post, we want to talk about several important terms to be sure we’re all on the same page. For starters, we know everyone is familiar with Botox (short for Botulinum Toxin). But did you know Botulinum Toxin is a purified protein that is the active

Alzheimer’s Disease: Reducing Your Risk

As we age, it’s natural to be concerned about our changing bodies and minds as well as how these changes will affect our livelihood. One growing concern for many is the potential for developing Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Nearly 6 million Americans over 65 years old are living with

Smooth Skin: Reasons to Quit Shaving

Summer is upon us, and most of us may be paying more attention to our hair and smooth skin than we do in other parts of the year. If you’re accustomed to shaving, whatever the reason, you’ll probably agree that it’s a time consuming and irritating (literally) process—for some more

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