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A unique, integrated approach to hormone balance and optimum health

If you’re considering bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with pellets, you may think all pellet therapy providers offer the same solutions.

While thousands of healthcare providers do offer subcutaneous BHRT with pellets—most don’t take an integrated, functional medicine approach to patient care.

How is the EvexiPEL® Hormone Pellet Therapy different?

The EvexiPEL Hormone Pellet Therapy method was developed by EVEXIAS founder Dr. Terri DeNeui, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC, after more than a decade of treating patients with hormone imbalance and teaching hundreds of medical practitioners in the science, discovery and clinical processes pertaining to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy via pellet implants.
While some practitioners prescribe BHRT with pellets to treat the symptoms of hormone imbalance, Dr. DeNeui’s EvexiPEL® Hormone Pellet Therapy method relies on uncovering the root cause of the patient’s hormone imbalance or health issue.
Over the years, Dr. DeNeui, discovered that hormone imbalance is but one factor that contributes to patients’ health struggles. Understanding that all of our body systems work together, she found that addressing all systems as a whole produces the best outcomes.
Once EvexiPEL® practitioners identify the root cause of the patient’s health concerns, EVEXIAS®’ experts in hormone optimization, functional medicine, nutrition and mental health work as a team to help ensure patients experience optimum results.

Experience superior pellet therapy with EvexiPEL’s® proprietary pellet formulation

Not only has Dr. DeNeui developed a superior method for providing pellet therapy, she also worked with a team of experts at Farmakeio—a leading compounding pharmacy in the U.S.—to create a proprietary pellet formulation to help improve patient comfort, convenience and outcomes.
Put into practice at EVEXIAS® Medical Centers—one of the largest pellet therapy providers in the country—the EvexiPEL® Pellet Formulation continues to yield the following results compared to hormone pellets previously available in the marketplace:
  • Reduced scar tissue, resulting in far fewer pellet extrusions, which decreases the need for additional office visits to deal with complications.
  • Far fewer boosts required in new patients, which amounts to a more effective and convenient treatment for patients—and fewer office visits.
  • Quicker absorption of hormones for patients, who report more comprehensive symptom relief sooner than with other compounded pellets.
  • More consistent absorption over time, which helps ensure longer lasting therapeutic results.
  • Increased patient satisfaction. Always a top priority at EVEXIAS!
Whether you seek treatment directly from an integrated, functional medicine practitioner at EVEXIAS Medical Centers in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex or a practitioner certified in the EvexiPEL® Hormone Pellet Therapy method, you can feel confident that your health is in good hands.

The EvexiPEL® method doesn’t start OR stop with pellet therapy

It’s important to note that EvexiPEL® Hormone Pellet Therapy is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution. Every patient comes to us with unique health needs and varying degrees of hormone imbalance—something we address through our collaborative patient-practitioner approach (collaboration is a key aspect of functional medicine).
Along with undergoing lab and diagnostic tests, patients can expect to spend plenty of quality time reviewing their health history and concerns with their practitioner. Since physical, mental and environmental factors can all have an impact on total body health, the practitioner will ask the patient about:
  • Health concerns and goals.
  • Health history (physical and mental).
  • Family’s health history (genetics often influence health).
  • Lifestyle—diet, exercise, sleep and other habits like tobacco, alcohol and drug use.
  • Home and work environments.
  • Exposure to environmental and emotional toxins.
  • Current medication usage, including any supplements.
  • Social activities and interactions.

Integrated treatment plans also address gut health, DNA and toxicity issues

Based on the patient’s unique needs, treatment may involve bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellets (dosage customized for each patient), along with other therapies that help promote total body health. The practitioner may prescribe therapy to address issues related to:
Gut health: Research has shown direct connections between gut health and inflammation, autoimmune disorders, mental health and more. In addition, a healthy gut helps us metabolize hormones efficiently. If the practitioner finds that poor gut health (unbalanced gut microbiome, leaky gut, etc.) is contributing to the patient’s health issues, she may prescribe gut health therapy, including a detox program, probiotics, IV nutrients, supplements or other therapies to restore gut health.
DNA: Recent research revealed that how we metabolize hormones is hardwired in our DNA. During the exam, the practitioner will inquire whether patients have a family history of hormone imbalance or difficulty metabolizing hormones. If so, treatment plans can be modified accordingly.
Toxicity: Practitioners will also ask patients about toxins they’re exposed to in their daily lives, then counsel them on steps to take to remove them. Toxicity goes beyond the food, fluids, chemicals and pollution we consume or breath in—toxic relationships and jobs can cause stress and anxiety that make people vulnerable to illness and chronic disease.

Ready to get well, live well and stay well? We can help!

Through EvexiPEL® Hormone Pellet Therapy and our integrated approach to wellness, our practitioners are dedicated to helping patients like you live their best lives. We’re here to find the underlying cause of your health concerns and help you heal.
If you want to find out how EvexiPEL® Hormone Pellet Therapy and integrated, functional medicine may benefit you, contact the EVEXIAS office nearest you.


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