In recent years you’ve probably heard about a new proactive and preventative treatment option, IV nutrition therapy.

While some dismiss IV therapy as a fad, there’s real research that shows there are lasting benefits. These benefits can help patients seeking wellness save on healthcare in the long-run.

So, if you’re looking to implement a new wellness treatment, keep reading to learn about IV therapy at EVEXIAS Medical Center.

IV Nutrition Therapy Explained

A licensed healthcare professional administers the nutrients through IV therapy. IV therapy is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition it needs. The process allows the vitamins to go right into your bloodstream.

Where other methods lose valuable vitamins and minerals during the digestive process, IV therapy allows nutrients to achieve a blood concentration level that’s unachievable with oral or intramuscular administration.

Your body can absorb 100% of the nutrients because it goes directly into the blood.

A Closer Look at IV Nutrients

If you want to take a preventative approach, the Myer’s Cocktail is a well-known and highly effective IV formulation for anxiety and relaxation.

Consisting of high doses of B vitamins and magnesium, along with other nutrients, the calm IV can result in:

  • Immediate relaxation
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Easing of anxiety

So, to get a better idea of what the Myer’s Cocktail can do for you here’s a quick look at some of the key benefits from the nutrients found in the Calming IV.


  • Helps with sleep, anxiety, migraines, and headaches
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Helps with muscle relaxation

Vitamin B12

  • Helps with stress, depression, and other mood issues
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Increases energy
  • Improves memory and learning abilities

Vitamin B6

  • Improves mood
  • Helps build resistance to stress and enhances mood
  • Helps with low immune function
  • Reduces inflammation

Vitamin B5

  • Stimulates healing
  • Supports adrenal glands and alleviates stress 
  • Treats fatigue
  • Enhances cholinergic function, reduces memory loss

Vitamin C

  • Boosts immune function
  • Supports adrenal function
  • Promotes healthy capillaries, gums, and teeth
  • Helps with wound healing

These are just a few of the key ingredients and their main functions. To learn more speak with one of our practitioners for a better understanding.

Who is IV Nutrition Therapy For?

Our team of medical experts has identified several effective IV nutrition supplementation therapies that dig deep to uncover the root of the problem.

Likewise, we’ve seen patients with varying degrees of issues like seasonal allergies, the flu, or even migraines greatly benefit from IV therapy.

So, it’s particularly beneficial for patients with nutritional deficiencies, low energy, stress, or a variety of common diseases and conditions:

  • Allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues
  • Migraine headaches and tension headaches
  • Narcotic withdrawal
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Seasonal sicknesses
  • Chronic depression
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Acute or persistent muscle spasms
  • Stubborn wounds and more

Most importantly, IV nutrition supplements make sure your body is running optimally. The treatment allows us to treat and prevent symptoms, aches, pains, and allergies effectively.

At EVEXIAS Medical Center, we offer a variety of IV nutrition therapy treatment options. While your provider will ultimately decide on the best fit or mix of nutrients and treatment plans, here’s a look at the traditional ones we can offer:

  • Myers Cocktail
  • Immune Boost
  • Cold & Flu
  • Detox
  • Peak Performance
  • Premium Myers Cocktail

No matter what you’re seeking treatment for, IV nutrition therapy can offer all patients the following:

Increased Energy

The mix of minerals and vitamins, like B and C, deliver an energy boost.

Better Mood

For example, vitamin B and other minerals and amino acids are known to combat the effects of stress, depression, and even premenstrual symptoms.

Stronger Immune System

Finally, the mix of vitamins and minerals will boost your immune system so your body fights off sickness and can recover quickly from injury or illness.

Immediate Results

As we mentioned earlier, this treatment goes right to your bloodstream, and you’ll likely feel results instantly.

EVEXIAS is Here for You

Above all, are you looking for other ways to feel your best? Remember to take time for yourself and:

  • Get a little exercise (a yoga class, a light job, lifting weights, etc.)
  • Stay hydrated
  • Make rest a top priority

So, doing all of these things in conjunction with an IV treatment ensures you’re at your best. IV nutrition supplements make sure your body is running optimally. It allows us to treat and prevent symptoms, aches, pains, and allergies effectively.

Finally, after we understand what you’re dealing with and what you hope to achieve, we may suggest additional nutrients to your solution.

So, to learn more about our treatments or speak with an experienced and trained professional, give us a call or schedule your consultation here!

In addition, our team of experts will walk you through the IV therapy options, process, and answer any questions you may have during a completely confidential consultation. Schedule your consultation today!