Having a dedicated skincare routine is essential, but did you know you should be switching things up seasonally?

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Summer Skin Care



At the start of every summer, we all expect a beautiful, glowing complex. However, the Texas heat and humidity can do everything but make our skin attractive. Instead, we are forced to deal with splotchy, sunburnt, and sometimes hyper-pigmented skin. Many people stick to their regiment year-round but read on for important tips and treatments that should be on your radar in the coming months. And, when it comes to summer skincare, much of the conversation is focused on prevention methods.

Whether you’re dealing with extra oil, shine, or the occasional sunburn, we have some expert ideas for you.

The Summer Switch Up

So, why is it important to switch things up in the summer? More time outside, sun exposure, and higher temperatures will all take a toll on our bodies, but especially our skin.

To keep a healthy glow for years to come, take note of our summer skin care tips.

1. Double Cleanse

If you keep up with the latest trends or follow beauty bloggers and influencers, you may know this one, but it’s just a generally good tip to have in your beauty regimen arsenal. Double cleansing is a good practice, but especially in summer when excess sweat, dirt, and grime can cling to our face and clog our pores,

2. Check Your Products

Many people don’t realize that some products are better suited for specific seasons. Take a look through your beauty bag and medicine cabinet; do your products meet summer standards?

Reach for items that are lighter, allow your skin to breathe, and ideally have SPF. We recommend Elta MD sunscreen or SkinBetter sunscreen! We offer clear and tinted to meet all patient needs!

3. Don’t Neglect Your Eyes and Lips

Wearing sunscreen is essential, but it’s also important to protect your eyes with sunglasses and using a lip balm or Chap Stick with SPF, too. Do your eyes get irritated in the summer? Try dipping cotton pads in cold potato juice and holding over your eyes. For a more traditional approach our skin care experts can recommend the right eye cream for you.

4. Establish a Skin Care Routine

Are you completely lost on how to start a proper summer skincare routine? Do you worry about treatments because you have sensitive skin? Our skin care gurus know how to safely and effectively treat all skin types which take all the guess work out.

Schedule a consultation with one of our skincare experts to go through your history and goals, and we’ll set you up with the right products.

5. Wear the Right Fabrics

Cotton and other lighter fabrics are ideal for summer weather. Wearing tight clothes and heavy fabrics can cause irritation, make sweaty parts of the body itch, and even lead to rashes or skin infections.

6. Replace Your Moisturizer

We mentioned above the importance of replacing your products seasonally, but if you only make one change, this should be it. Even during the summer months our skin needs to stay moisturized and hydrated! Dry skin is not our friend.

Swap out your heavy winter face cream for a quick absorbing gel-like one. This will be more gentle on your face and allow your skin to breathe more.

7. Take Care of Sunburns

It’s okay—we’ve all been there, you left your house without sunscreen or didn’t reapply as often. While preventing sunburn is ideal, we know things happen. Sun damage is not something to take lightly.

If you do suffer a sunburn, even a minor one, be sure to treat it right away! Keep aloe at home or pick up some chamomile oil or calendula, all three are great for anti-inflammation and will soothe your skin.

8. Prevent Wrinkles

Squinting all summer long will have consequences for your skin, take things into your own hands, and try our fillers! You can say goodbye to wrinkles without any downtime or avoiding the sun! We offer Restylane Refyne & Defyne, which are dermal fillers. For fine lines and wrinkles we love Dsyport! Check out our Summer special for $4 Dysport, minimum of 50 units!

9. Prevent Hyper-pigmentation

Pigmentation occurs when your melanin (our skin cells responsible for our coloring), deposit pigment in the visible layer of skin, typically in uneven blotches. Many things can trigger the condition, such as genetics, hormones, stress, skin damage, but the most significant and most preventable factor is the sun.

To prevent and avoid hyper-pigmentation:

· Protect Your Skin-Age spots, freckles, and other areas of existing hyper-pigmentation are all created and encouraged by UV light. Always wear sun protection (SPF 50 is recommended), wear sunglasses, a hat, etc.

· Use Anti-Inflammatory Skincare-Such as calming serums or natural ingredients like aloe. Our skincare gurus can help you with finding the best products for your skin.

10. Visit EVEXIAS

EVEXIAS carries various exclusive, and prescription-strength formulas from top skincare lines across the globe.

We Can Help, with the EVEXIAS Approach!

To help you address your skin concerns and get you looking as great as you feel, we offer a variety of treatments, such as:

· Facial Peels

· Laser IPL · SkinPen®

· Professional Skin Care Products · Hormone Optimization

· Nutraceuticals

If you’re looking for an expert touch and an effective approach to your skin issues, contact us today!

If you’re interested in any of the above offerings or want to learn more about your unique skin needs—get in touch with us today! Schedule a completely confidential consultation with one of our skincare experts by filling out our contact form below!

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