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Say G’Bye to the ‘Holiday 7’ With the EVEXIAS Weight Loss Program

THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS EVENT AT EVEXIAS MEDICAL CENTER: DAY TWO   Weight Loss Program includes: Initial consultation for new patients or an office visit for existing patients plus weigh ins, Lipo Mino (B12, amino acids and other nutrients) and Semaglutide peptide medication injection. The Lipo Mino and Semaglutide are injections for take home** […]

Detox and the Metabolic Code®

Facebook Instagram Youtube Detoxing, Diets and Mental Health How to achieve a smaller waistline and good health—for life Do you want to lose 10 pounds fast or finally lose weight for good? Many people are intrigued by the promises of detox diets. After all, didn’t Beyoncé lose all that weight on the Lemonade Detox Diet? […]