Smooth Skin: Reasons to Quit Shaving

Summer is upon us, and most of us may be paying more attention to our hair and smooth skin than we do in other parts of the year. If you’re accustomed to shaving, whatever the reason, you’ll probably agree that it’s a time consuming and irritating (literally) process—for some more than others, depending on your skin. If you’re looking to give yourself smooth skin without shaving this summer, here are some excellent reasons to quit and look into laser hair removal instead! 1. Save Yourself Time Whether you’re shaving your pits, your legs, bikini line, your face, whatever, it takes time! And depending on your hair and skin, you may be shaving more often than you’d like. When you opt for laser hair removal over shaving, you never have to worry you won’t be able to get through your entire beauty routine just because you woke up late. Sure,