Nutraceuticals: Boost Immunity and Accelerate Healing

If you know EVEXIAS, you know we're all about proactive and long-term approaches to wellness, which is why we proudly offer Nutraceuticals as part of our treatment offerings.We have recently added four new supplements to our Nutraceuticals offerings and hope one, or a combo, of these supplements, could be the answer to your wellness needs and goals!Today, we'll dive into our four new Nutraceuticals and give you a quick overview of their purpose and the benefits.SPM ComplexTri-Phase Detox Support® GI GuardSlimDownSo, do you struggle with a chronic illness, inflammation, or tend to heal slowly? If so, our Nutraceutical supplements may be the answer you're looking for when it comes to lasting relief.So, to learn more about these Nutraceuticals, schedule a consultation today. Speak with one of our providers about adding these supplements to your wellness routine.New Nutraceuticals at EVEXIAS Medical CenterEach of these supplements serves specific purposes and can bring about