Struggling with Turkey Neck? Tighten Your Skin for a Holly, Jolly Holiday

There’s no getting around it – ‘tis the season for holiday parties, family photos, shopping and the never ending “fa la la la la.” Along with the abundance of cheer, there can also be a fair share of self-consciousness and lack of confidence. For Jolene Oaten, Medical Aesthetician at EVEXIAS Medical Centers in Rockwall, it is common to have individuals come into the office for the first time, questioning themselves and being unhappy with their appearance. “I see it all of the time,” Jolene said.  “Women and men will come to us wanting to make a change. They are unhappy with the looseness in their skin or how their skin looks.” As one of EVEXIAS’ Medical Aestheticians, Jolene helps those individuals who are looking for non-surgical solutions for their skin. One of the biggest culprits is laxity in the skin, or – as it is commonly known – turkey neck.