Before Taking All Those Pills for Your Multiple Medical Conditions, Read This. It Could Save Your Life.

As the Baby Boomer generation gets older, the medications to help them stay healthier have gotten better. Unfortunately, this has led to unintended consequences. Physicians and medical groups are concerned that the entire population and especially those who are older are over-medicated. According to a news report in the Wall Street Journal, about 40 percent of patients who are 60 and older regularly take as many as five medications simultaneously. This has caused a situation where the “cure” has the potential of being more deleterious than the “disease.” As a result, doctors are beginning to de-prescribe medications. There are even websites sprouting up to help patients with multiple medical conditions and drug regimens sort out this very dangerous calculus. According to Cara Tannenbam, a geriatrician and scientific director of the Institute of Gender and Health at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in Montreal who was quoted in the