Smoothing Out Those Wrinkles Using One’s Own Blood

For generations, well-meaning mothers, fathers and even grandparents have dispensed little nuggets of wisdom which are offered as a way to help a young person gain a little advantage over their contemporaries. One of these “bon mots” is a classic bit of self-help:  “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” This advice is even more relevant for adults than it is to children and, for better or worse, the part of the body which leads to many first impressions is the face. It suggests age, health, vitality, attractiveness and beauty. While this might seem to be superficial – everyone knows it’s what’s “inside” that makes a person special – the fact remains that a person’s face is the primary source of any first impression. So, what happens when one meets a new acquaintance and their face looks tired, gray and wrinkled? It may not be