The new year is all about refocusing and recommitting to being your best self. You already live an active life, but it’s time to look at some areas that maybe didn’t receive as much attention last year. Like your vaginal health. If you’ve had kids, experienced a not-as-strong bladder, or felt a slight dip in your frisky business, we are thrilled to tell you about a solution that can revitalize your private parts.

Let’s get down to it

This month, we are introducing FemTouch™ vaginal laser rejuvenation to our progressive list of offerings. This non-surgical, non-hormonal, minimally invasive procedure can noticeably improve your vaginal health. The treatment is administered by one of our experienced, licensed medical clinicians and involves a sterilized CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser applicator that is inserted to promote stimulation of your vaginal tissue growth. And when we say laser, we’re not talking about those seen in 3D space battle movies. With FemTouch™, CO2 energy is delivered in a fractional manner, which means it focuses solely on the vaginal tissue that needs rejuvenation without touching healthy tissue. Our clinician has complete control of the laser as it is applied along the vaginal lining with virtually painless precision, triggering collagen production and stimulating new vaginal tissue growth.

Symptoms such as weakening of vaginal muscles, dryness, painful intercourse, or difficulty with bladder control that affect women of all ages will benefit from FemTouch™’s life-changing results. “FemTouch™ is perfect for women who have had children or suffer from urogenital complaints and are looking to improve their quality of life,” says EVEXIAS founder and nurse practitioner Terri DeNeui. “The results I’ve seen are truly amazing.”

In and out (of our office) in no time

Typically, FemTouch™ requires up to three treatment sessions. Women who have experienced this procedure, however, have raved about a noticeable difference after just one session! The procedure lasts only a few minutes, and there is no anesthesia or downtime needed. A very warm sensation in the treated area may be the only reminder of your session, and even that will only last a few hours.

In a recent white paper on the use of CO2 laser for patients with Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), a first-month follow-up revealed 89% of women were satisfied with FemTouch™ treatments, while 80% were satisfied after three and six months respectively. Patients reported a meaningful improvement in their quality of life, both physically and socially. Key to safe, successful results is professional treatment, so check out Evexias’ treatment packages.

Isn’t it time for you to experience how FemTouch can help to reunite U with your V?

Terri DeNeui, DNP, ACNP, APRN-BC founded EVEXIAS Medical Centers to offer life-changing technologies for women just like you.

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