Regenerate Skin and Restore Facial Features with a Vampire Facelift®

    As we age, our skin loses elasticity and facial features begin to sag. Before you consider going under the knife, consider the benefits of the non-surgical, Vampire Facelift®. This procedure combines the science of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers with the rejuvenating abilities of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and the artful eye of a skilled physician to turn back time.

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    Benefits of the Vampire Facelift®

    • Stimulates the regenerative process of the skin.
    • Restores lost volume due to aging.
    • Produces younger skin with a healthy, youthful glow.
    • Lower risk of infection and complications compared to surgery – especially since PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood.

    By utilizing the growth factors found in the blood – through PRP therapy – we can now activate the unipotent stem cells in the skin and stimulate these cells to grow new, younger looking skin.

    Regain younger skin and a youthful appearance – without surgery

    Time can take a toll on the skin and facial features, but you don’t have to accept aging or resort to surgery to see dramatic results. A Vampire Facelift® can erase time and rejuvenate your smiling face.

    To find out if a Vampire Facelift® is a good option for you, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation with our medical team.

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