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Lauren Noxsel, RN, APRN-FNP


Lauren Noxsel is both an advanced practice registered nurse and family nurse practitioner who brings her love of science, innovation and personal relationships to EVEXIAS Medical Centers. After working for years as a nurse in traditional medicine, Lauren’s thirst for knowledge and passion for administering personalized care drove her to preventative health care.

Lauren began her journey in higher education striving for a pre-med degree, but she shifted her focus to becoming a nurse after having a front row seat to the ideal work-life balance that profession offered while working as a nanny for a nurse. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Lauren went on to earn her Accelerated Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Emory University. To further her education in nursing, she then earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Augusta University.

Lauren Noxsel

To begin her career in nursing, Lauren worked in progressive care as an ICU Stepdown RN. In this role, she helped implement recovery plans for post-ICU patients while also serving as a member of the Clinical Practice Council. Lauren experienced the reactionary nature of traditional medicine while working as an ER nurse while going to school to be a nurse practitioner. Later, she would work in various areas of medicine during her graduate clinical rotations, such as family practice, urgent care, and trauma center.

After moving on to work as a nurse practitioner in a prenatal clinic, Lauren was able to experience working with patients on a more personal level. In this role, Lauren not only conducted various health assessments and interpreted lab results, but she also had the opportunity to train and manage other registered nurses and medical assistants as well. Working in this field also allowed Lauren to help patients support their whole body health for the benefit of their future well-being. That exposure to personalized care sparked her interest in preventative medicine, and Lauren has immersed herself in all of the latest therapies and technologies ever since.

When she’s not in the office, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She also enjoys water sports, floral design and golf.

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