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Lose Weight and Regain Lean Muscle Naturally

As men age, many find that it takes more work to keep their weight in check, maintain lean muscle mass and fend off stubborn belly fat. Unfortunately, many weight loss programs fail to identify the root cause of these issues or deliver long-term results.

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Have you experienced these common physical and weight loss challenges many men face?

  • Low energy levels
  • Trouble maintaining lean muscle mass, even with diet and exercise
  • Thickening of the midsection
  • Weight gain even while eating less and exercising more than previously

Successful weight loss and muscle maintenance require a scientific approach

Staying in shape isn’t always as simple as calories consumed, calories burned and lifting weights. Testosterone levels, genetic factors, an accumulation of toxins in the body and other health conditions may be to blame.

Our medical team’s approach to weight loss is based in science and treating the body as a whole. We specialize in identifying the root cause of each patient’s weight loss challenges, and then create a unique plan designed specifically for that patient.

Get stronger, leaner and healthier today

During a consultation with our medical team, we will perform a thorough exam and analyze your overall physical health and wellness. With this insight in hand, we can customize a plan that addresses your individual weight loss and wellness goals. Your plan may include:

Healthy TransformationTM
Weight Loss

Clear ChangeTM

Healthy Weight
DNA InsightTM





If other weight loss and fitness programs haven’t worked for you, contact us. Our weight management specialists can explain the options available to you and schedule a confidential consultation for you with our medical team.

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