Stress, travel, diet, lack of exercise, hormonal changes and yes, aging are just a few of many factors that can affect and disrupt our sleep patterns. If you’ve tried everything from warm milk to medication and still aren’t getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, we have an amazing product for you.

Previously only available by prescription from our compounding pharmacy, FarmaKeio Sleep is now available over the counter, and we have it in stock. Not familiar with compounding? It’s the ability of a pharmacist to customize prescription medications for each patient.

Shhh…sleep improvement is at work

This unique formula specifically focuses on sleep and mood improvement, and contains only five ingredients: Phenibut (phenylbutyric acid), a cognitive enhancement drug that may reduce stress and anxiety; Honokiol (magnolia seed extract) that helps to promote a calming, relaxing effect and reduces the mental “chatter” just before you sleep; Valerian, well known for its sleep-inducing and anxiety-reducing properties; 5HTP, a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to maintain healthy sleep cycles coupled with serotonin, which is also linked to stress reduction and weight control; and Melatonin, another familiar natural hormone (and potent antioxidant!) that controls your sleep cycle.

As your body and brain adjust to a healthier balance of restful sleep from FarmaKeio, your ability to say “good night” to bedtime brain activity may improve, as will the ease of staying asleep. Grogginess upon waking can dissipate; so can feelings of anxiety and depression. What may increase? Feelings of calmness, and a lower number may even show up on your bathroom scale.

A long winter’s nap? It’s possible

We can’t think of a more perfect time to add FarmaKeio Sleep to your regimen than this sleep-deprived time of year. You already have a long list of holiday to-do’s, not to mention the social events and influx of family and friends. You’re sure to eat, drink, and socialize more than you normally would, and maybe feel the stress that comes with all of it. Now imagine sleeping more peacefully than you have all year. What a perfectly lovely gift for you… from you.

Terri DeNeui, MSN, APRN-BC, DNP founded EVEXIAS Medical Centers to offer life-changing technologies for men and women just like you. Experience how FarmaKeio Sleep may make a visible difference in your sleep cycle. Get complete product details and consultation information at, or if you’d like to buy from us directly, go to

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