Dealing with hair loss can be traumatic, and it’s a reality that 35 million men and 21 million women face every year. In the past, people looked toward surgical procedures, pills, and creams for a solution.

But today, let’s talk about a completely natural and safe option for fighting hair loss! Traditional hair restoration treatments can be pricey, painful, and require long recovery times.

However, the scalp platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment we offer at EVEXIAS Medical Centers is an effective, non-surgical approach that will naturally regrow hair.

Easy As 1-2-3

PRP treatments are a simple 3-step process in which your blood is drawn, processed, and injected into your scalp. Sound easy? It is! Here’s why it works and what you can expect if you decide to try out PRP scalp treatments.

Our blood is made up of a few things:

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Plasma
  • Platelets

Plasma is essential to this treatment because it contains white blood cells and platelets, which are rich in growth factors. Growth factors act as messengers telling our skin cells to get to work and in this particular case, they’ll stimulate the hair follicles to promote new hair growth.

Who Is PRP For?

PRP therapy can be beneficial for many people, including men and women in any stage of hair loss, and people with:

  • Hypotrichosis
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Alopecia Totalis
  • Metabolic causes of hair loss (iron deficiency and medication-induced hair loss)

Many people see results within four to eight months, with continued improvement for up to one year following treatment and the best results showing as early as two months after treatment.

Now that you have an idea of what PRP therapy is and who it can benefit let’s get into the specifics. If you decide to do this treatment here’s what to expect.

The Process

The process of PRP treatment is very meticulous and should only be performed by a trained hair restoration specialist.

  1. Blood is drawn, usually from your arm, and placed into a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma.
  2. After about 10 minutes in the centrifuge, we will prepare the platelets for application.
  3. The platelet-rich plasma is then drawn into a syringe and injected across the scalp into the identified areas of the scalp that require hair growth. Typically, the entire process lasts around 30 minutes!

While every patient has different requirements and needs, on average you can expect three treatments 4-6 weeks apart with maintenance treatments every 4-6 months.

One of our hair restoration specialists will be able to provide more detailed information that best fits your needs.

We Can Help

At EVEXIAS Medical Centers, we strive to provide the best treatments that will deliver lasting results to our patients!

We love PRP therapy because it’s all natural, safe, and non-surgical. If you’re ready to address your hair loss concerns head-on, make sure you enlist the right team!

To find out if you’re a good candidate for this non-surgical approach (with minimal discomfort and little downtime), get in touch with us today!

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