Every year, on the third Sunday in June, families around the world say thanks to dear old dad. While not as widely celebrated as Mother’s Day, the day has taken on more significance recently, especially since the “baby boomers” began having children of their own.

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The reasons are simultaneously simple and complex.  Basically, in the past 60 years, men have changed.

The men who made up the “Greatest Generation” – those who went off to fight World War II – didn’t see themselves as nurturing parents. Their job, as they perceived it, was to be a good provider for the family. Before World War II, child-rearing was pretty much left to the mother of the family to manage. All that changed when the male baby boomers grew up and realized how much they missed having a real father figure.

These men, now in their 50’s and 60’s, have changed the way they see their role as fathers. In the process, they have also changed the way they view themselves. This is manifested in many ways, including what they see in the mirror every morning!

A Man’s Self-Image

More than ever before, men are conscious of their appearance. Terri DeNeui, DNP, ACNP, APRN-BC, founder of Hormonal Health, Wellness & Aesthetic Centers explains why this is happening.

“There are several reasons men are discovering their self-image,” she said, “The media plays a huge role in this phenomenon. Just as it did for women, it portrays how the ‘ideal man’ should look and act.  However, there is something else at work here too.

“My older male clients tell me that the competition from younger males in the workforce has become a troubling issue for them.  Many of our older male clients are working to improve their appearance and energy levels in order to create a better, more vibrant first impression. They are competing with their younger counterparts and a healthier appearance helps in this effort.”

Hormonal Health and a Man’s Self-Image

“Everything begins with good hormonal health,” Terri said. “As men age, their hormones deteriorate, they lose energy and muscle tone and their sleep is not as sound as it once was. All of these factors can affect their outward, physical appearance.

“If you’re observant, you will likely notice some men who are older, but have an inner glow and are very vibrant. You can see it in their eyes, in the energy of their walk, and in their overall younger attitude. These traits make a man appear younger.

“In our practice, we start our therapy on the ‘inside’ of a man,” she said. “Stabilizing hormones is one of the most important aspects of renewing a man’s health and wellness.”

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Happy Father’s Day!

This year, Father’s Day is on June 19th and many men will be celebrating the day with their children. Terri offers some insights about the importance of fathers.

“The divorce rates are at an all-time high in the United States and there are many single moms with children,” Terri noted. “I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for a father to be a part of the lives of their children.

“Men teach little boys how to be men. They teach their children about the concept of ‘honor.’  Women can teach little boys how to be men from a woman’s perspective, but a man can mentor boys in a way that we women can’t.”

The Best Gifts for Men and Their New Self-Image on Fathers DayThis Father’s day, many dads won’t have the energy to enjoy the day, playing with their kids and grandchildren.  Terri explains how this sad scenario can be corrected.

“Men are starting families later than they did in the past, and their testosterone levels can be lower than what is optimal. With hormone replacement therapy, we can help older (and even younger) men realize the benefits of higher testosterone levels. Balancing hormones can even help older dads increase their energy levels.”

However, hormones are not the only factor.

“The type of food men consume can also play a deleterious role in their energy levels. Processed foods have chemicals that can cause hormones to become imbalanced and can cause inflammation and chronic fatigue. We suggest that our clients begin a ‘clean eating’ program, which is a ‘Paleo diet.’ Many of our clients return for check-ups after starting this diet and tell us that they feel much better.

“Another important sign that an older man might require hormone replacement is his inability to sleep soundly through the entire night. Sleep is a powerful tool for re-charging the body and a lack of sleep can sap a man’s energy level and cause other health problems. By examining those factors which are causing sleep disruption – hormone imbalance, sugar intake, lack of exercise or eating large meals before retiring at night – we can help a man sleep better and wake up refreshed.”

Aligning Venus and Mars: How Women Can Help Men

Hormonal Health, Wellness & Aesthetic Centers also offers seminars on how women can empower men.

“I feel strongly about ‘empowered partnerships’ between men and women,” Terri notes. “This lack of partnership is another factor in the energy drain on men.  Men don’t understand women and, conversely, women don’t really understand men. Rather than partnering, we tend become more adversarial in our relationships and this can create a great deal of stress.

“Men are socialized to be the ‘provider’ in the relationship,” she said. “When this dynamic changes or is disrupted for any reason, it has a profoundly negative impact on the man. If there is no empowered partnership between the couple, the negativity within the relationship increases exponentially.

“I am very passionate about teaching women how to partner with men. I use the work of Allison Armstrong in these classes and her strategies have also been extremely impactful in my own life.

“We are dedicated to the internal and external health and wellness of every individual. When we talk to our clients about ‘health,’ we are not limited to physical health, but rather we are also concerned with emotional and relationship health as well.”

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