Carol DogansAfter experiencing menopause, Carol Dogans was having hot flashes, difficulty with thinking clearly, weight gain issues, and trouble staying motivated to exercise.

“I lacked confidence,” she said. “I lost it because I could not think, and my mind and my body were failing me.”

Dogans, 52, who works as a retirement plan consultant at Rockwall Bank, decided to be bold and make a positive change in her life by joining the EVEXIAS Wellness Group at Rockwall.

“I said I’m going to bite the bullet — and it changed my life when I chose EVEXIAS,” she said. “I didn’t realize how out of myself I was until I got EVEXIAS.”

Since December 2015, Dogans has naturally lost 6 lbs. She attributes her weight loss to following an EVEXIAS wellness plan that was specifically designed for her.

“I went from not being my confident self, being very afraid, because of what was happening with my mind and body, to being confident again,” Dogans said. “And, I really thank EVEXIAS for giving me my life back.”

EVEXIAS offers bio-identical hormone optimization treatment plans that may include estrogen and testosterone pellet therapy, nutritional supplements, thyroid optimization and many other medical wellness treatments.

Female hormone optimization: quick and pain-free

The EVEXIAS medical team’s approach to female hormone optimization is based on science, not baseless experimentation or assumptions. They specialize in identifying the root cause of each patient’s medical issues.

Dogans has always used natural products and researches everything before she tries it. She was willing to give hormone optimization a try after she found out the products were tested and natural.

“I never thought the ‘hormone thing’ was for me, but what used to work for me wasn’t working at this time of my life,” Dogans said.

Following a thorough examination and proper diagnosis, EVEXIAS designed a hormone optimization treatment plan to meet her needs.
Dogans was nervous that the procedure would be painful. She laid on her side and, before she knew it, it was over. “I didn’t even get the tear out,” Dogans joked.

Once someone has a procedure, they are advised to stay out of the gym for three to four days. Dogans said it wasn’t painful, and that she only noticed a little soreness after the fourth day.

“My hair got much thicker, longer and healthier,” Dogans said. “I noticed my eyebrows have grown back in. My skin is much brighter. It lightens me up. My husband noticed I looked brighter and had more energy – and he notices nothing.”

In addition, Dogans was suffering from arthritis in her leg, but now that pain is completely gone. She has no more backaches and said her hair is growing all over in the right places. She also said the hormones took care of her pre-diabetic condition.

EVEXIAS products made Carol Dogans “feel 20 years younger”

Dogans considers herself a “gym person.” However, several months ago, she was feeling overly tired at the end of the day. Today, she not only looks forward to her workout at the end of the day, but is staying at the gym longer.

“I stay longer — just to think about it, it is night and day,” Dogans said. “I feel like I did when I was 27. It feels like I’m in my late 20s.”

In the past, Dogans would receive most of her vitamins from eating vegetables. When she joined the EVEXIAS wellness plan, the tests revealed that her insulin level was way up. The wellness plan encouraged her to change the way she ate and to cut out processed food and sugar.

“EVEXIAS is so spot on,” Dogans said. “The things that they address were spot on for me and my husband.”

Dogans’s friends and family members are also changing their lives with EVEXIAS

Dogans encouraged her husband to try testosterone therapy. One reason was because six members of his family had suffered or died from Alzheimer’s disease, and optimizing  testosterone may significantly increase your chances of not getting the disease.

“He has a lot more energy,” Dogans said. “He did it to reduce his chances in the future of getting Alzheimer’s disease. He’s not tired and can bulk-up and get more muscle.”

Dogans and her husband both noticed that their stomachs had flattened, they were able to gain more muscle, and other positive body changes.

In addition, Dogans said almost all of her coworkers are also benefiting from EVEXIAS and are major fans.