Fresh off of a spring break trip or are you ready to jet set all summer long? Whatever gets you out and traveling in the coming months whether it’s by plane, train, automobile, or a mix of all be sure that you’re taking the proper steps to protect your skin.

Travel, no matter the method, can take a toll on our skin. Why? A nice mix of improper diet, stress, change in weather, and exhaustion.

Even if you have a relaxing vacation, it may be the journey there or back home that gets to your skin. If you want to keep your healthy complexion no matter the environment, here are some expert recommendations.

Things to Keep in Mind

When traveling, especially on a plane, your face, cuticles, lips, nose, and even your eyes are all exposed to humidity and poor air circulation.

When we travel, our skin dries out quickly, and our body tries to overcompensate. Then, we get excessive oil—here’s how you can keep these issues at bay and enjoy a glowing face no matter where you are.

Essential Steps to Take Before Travel

Before you even start packing your bags, there are some important steps to implement into your routine.

  • Wear sunscreen, everywhere and every day! This tip is non-negotiable if for some reason you have gone this long without adding SPF into your daily routine, you need to fix that. Even if you’re traveling to a cold, rainy, or shady place be sure to have sunscreen with you!
  • Commit to properly hydrating! This tip can help your body transition to changing climates and the stress of being on a plane.
  • Get quality sleep the days leading up to your trip so that you are feeling fresh.

We think that these three pre-travel tips will be easy to follow since they’re all generally good health practices, but it’s worth mentioning!

Especially since the days leading up to a trip can be stressful. Now you know what to do before departure, here are some steps you can take while traveling to keep your skin healthy.

Don’t Let Travel Destroy Your Skin

  1. Travel fresh-faced if possible! If you can and feel comfortable going out without makeup, your skin will thank you! We get it though, not everyone likes to go out without some makeup on, but if you can at least go a little lighter, it will make the whole journey easier on your skin.
  2. Pack some face wipes. Even if you’re traveling by car, it’s a good idea to keep some cleansing facial wipes handy. Whenever you start to feel greasy, give your face a quick (and gentle) scrub!
  3. Keep your moisturizer handy. The night before travel use moisturizing cream and then pack a small/travel size moisturizer to apply throughout your trip. In need of a new skin care routine? EVEXIAS carries a few different premium skin care lines!
  4. Don’t forget the face masks! Especially great for plane travel—having a face mask, or two, on hand can replenish your skin. Not into face masks? Opt for a facial mist instead!

Keeping your skin in shape during travel doesn’t have to be impossible, but it will require a little work on your end!

If you’re interested in learning more about our skin care products, treatments, or want to speak with one of our experts about some of the underlying causes of your skin issues—we’re here to help!

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