The Benefits Of Omegas

Most all disease processes are inflammatory in nature and we’ve all heard of omega 3s and that’s the EPA and DHAs which I’ll talk about in a minute. Jane McGarry: Good fats, bad fats, essential fatty acids, we know that omegas come primarily from fish but do you find it a fishing expedition to get the skinny on their health benefits? Terri DeNeui, nurse practitioner and founder of Hormonal Health and Wellness Centers joins us today to kind of straighten some of this out hopefully. There is so much information in the media these days about omegas. You hear about it all over the place, they're good for us, they're bad for us. It is very confusing. Help. Terri DeNeui: Yeah. Well, there is a lot of confusing information and that's of course my passion is educating and get all the right information

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