Hormones & Brain Health Study

In partnership with the Center for BrainHealth University of Texas at Dallas

Help us learn more about the impact of Hormone Therapy on brain health. 

Get a brain health assessment at no charge ($800 value). 

Complementary Hormone Therapy (Valued at up to $375 each time)

About The Study


  • Improved health! Hormone optimization has been shown to have many benefits, including better quality sleep, mood, depressive symptoms, anxiety, memory, sexual function, joint pain, and more.
  • BrainHealth Index assessment at no charge ($800 value). The Center for Brain Health normally charges $800 to take the BrainHealth Index and receive follow-up coaching. Brain Health Study participants pay no fee.
  • Complementary Hormone Therapy  Patients receive a hormone therapy for free (valued at up to $375 each time) after completing each of the three BrainHealth Index assessments.
  • A better understanding of your brain health and hormones. You’ll learn how you, your brain and your hormones are functioning at baseline and how you’ve improved following a year of HRT.


  • Study participants will be asked to complete the BrainHealth Index at baseline, 6 months and one year after initiation of a medically supervised hormone therapy regime with an EVEXIAS Medical Center healthcare provider.
  • Hormonal therapy may include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone replacement.

The BrainHealth Index is (approximately) 1- 1.5 hour online assessment (at home or in our office), that includes a questions about the participant’s:

  • Cognitive function (thinking, reasoning, memory, reaction time and more).
  • Well-being and quality of life.
  • Social networks and engagements.
  • Daily function (daily responsibilities, habits and challenges).