The thrill of victory…the agony of defeat. Each made more poignant by athletic injuries.  Athletes are regularly pushed to their limits, and beyond, sometimes resulting in an injury.

Do you ever wonder how your favorite athletes seem to recover so quickly and are back in the game so soon after an injury? Do you wonder if there’s a way you can recover from your injury faster so you can get back to the sport and the active life that you love? Many are turning to platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP) to get back to the game fast.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has skyrocketed in popularity in every kind of sport imaginable. Some of the most famous athletes have used PRP therapy at one time or another to speed healing of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, nerves and more. PRP therapy can decrease bench time, speed healing, decrease pain and relieve chronic symptoms.

I’m in pain, what should I do?

Unable to miss any more work due to your debilitating pain? PRP therapy might be the answer for your chronic condition. These treatments are known to help with many conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, chronic back pain, and ligament sprains and tears. PRP may also help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis by stimulating healing of cartilage, and reducing pain and downtime.

How can EVEXIAS help?

People with active lifestyles are quickly seeing the applications of PRP therapy for everyday injuries. Danika Leeks, 44, of Grand Prairie, had PRP Therapy at EVEXIAS Medical earlier this year. “I did step aerobics for years. I think a combination of step aerobics and getting older was the root of the issue,” Leeks said. “I did not want to undergo surgery, and physical therapy did not help. I had one PRP treatment, and it has enabled me to start working out again without my knee giving out.”

PRP therapy accelerated the healing of Leeks’ muscles and soft tissue injuries. EVEXIAS has helped hundreds of patients like Leeks overcome temporary and chronic pain with pain-free PRP.

Who else has tried PRP?

Big names like Tiger Woods, Brian Urlacher, Hines Ward, and David Ortiz also have used PRP Therapy to both enhance and extend their careers. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend sports enthusiast or a modestly active adult, you may be able to benefit from a pain-free application of PRP.

At EVEXIAS Medical Centers, we offer patients the same PRP treatments that collegiate and professional athletes have been using for years. By delivering your own body’s concentrated, high-level healing properties directly to the injured area, we can help your body on its way to restored strength and vitality.

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