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Gut Health: Benefiting from Specialized Care

If you've paid any attention to our content, then this won't be the first you're hearing, well, technically reading about gut health. See, you can check out one of our earlier posts on gut health here! While in the past we've discussed conditions of the gut and how to

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Healthy Aging and Finding Your New Normal With BHRT

As we age, we begin to notice differences, in our body, our mood, everything. At a certain point, many patients report feeling as if they’ve lost their “mojo” noting that they feel different, but can’t quite pinpoint what the difference is.  

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NeoGraft Regrowing Hair is Possible

Losing a few hairs is nothing to worry over; in fact, we can lose a few each day without concern. With the average human scalp containing around 100,000 hairs, there’s no need to panic about the strands you see in the shower or on your brush.  

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FemTouch: Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Questions Answered

Vaginal health is something that concerns every woman of every age. However, it’s not a topic that is widely discussed. So, rather than getting into why this may be, today, we want to focus on vaginal rejuvenation. We also want to discuss the revolutionary treatment option that may solve

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Skincare Routine: Combat Aging Neck Skin with These Treatments

When you think of your skincare routine and anti-aging, many people will say look at the neck. At a certain point, it's natural for our neck skin to start sagging, become wrinkled, or crepey. AUTHOR Terri DeNeui, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC  

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