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Alzheimer’s Disease: Reducing Your Risk

As we age, it’s natural to be concerned about our changing bodies and minds as well as how these changes will affect our livelihood. One growing concern for many is the potential for developing Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Nearly 6 million Americans over 65 years old are living with

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Smooth Skin: Reasons to Quit Shaving

Summer is upon us, and most of us may be paying more attention to our hair and smooth skin than we do in other parts of the year. If you’re accustomed to shaving, whatever the reason, you’ll probably agree that it’s a time consuming and irritating (literally) process—for some more

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Thyroid Disease: Reasons to Check It

When you think about all the different parts and pieces of your body and which ones are important to proper and efficient function, you may not think of your thyroid and thyroid disease. However, your thyroid is so important to your body’s function, we would need a lot more time

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