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Strike Gold with PRP Therapy

We at EVEXIAS Medical Centers are thrilled to have been featured in one of WFAA’s (ABC; Channel 8 in Dallas) series of ‘Original’ segments. Liquid gold: How plasma is being used to heal, rejuvenate, with health reporter Sonia Azad, does a wonderful job explaining what exactly Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is all about. The segment shows the different ways PRP is being used and how it has helped two of our very own patients, Holli Jetsel and Deanna Murray. PRP therapy is an innovative treatment addressing various physical concerns by providing cellular rejuvenation. The treatment uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate stem cells and growth factors in the body to create new tissue and help repair old, damaged tissue. PRP is often used to treat wrinkles, acne, scars, rosacea, and supports sexual health, hair regrowth and more! Please watch the segment below for more information. We chatted with

Struggling with Turkey Neck? Tighten Your Skin for a Holly, Jolly Holiday

There’s no getting around it – ‘tis the season for holiday parties, family photos, shopping and the never ending “fa la la la la.” Along with the abundance of cheer, there can also be a fair share of self-consciousness and lack of confidence. For Jolene Oaten, Medical Aesthetician at EVEXIAS Medical Centers in Rockwall, it is common to have individuals come into the office for the first time, questioning themselves and being unhappy with their appearance. “I see it all of the time,” Jolene said.  “Women and men will come to us wanting to make a change. They are unhappy with the looseness in their skin or how their skin looks.” As one of EVEXIAS’ Medical Aestheticians, Jolene helps those individuals who are looking for non-surgical solutions for their skin. One of the biggest culprits is laxity in the skin, or – as it is commonly known – turkey neck.

Good sleep takes more than counting sheep

Stress, travel, diet, lack of exercise, hormonal changes and yes, aging are just a few of many factors that can affect and disrupt our sleep patterns. If you’ve tried everything from warm milk to medication and still aren’t getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, we have an amazing product for you. Previously only available by prescription from our compounding pharmacy, FarmaKeio Sleep is now available over the counter, and we have it in stock. Not familiar with compounding? It’s the ability of a pharmacist to customize prescription medications for each patient. Shhh…sleep improvement is at work This unique formula specifically focuses on sleep and mood improvement, and contains only five ingredients: Phenibut (phenylbutyric acid), a cognitive enhancement drug that may reduce stress and anxiety; Honokiol (magnolia seed extract) that helps to promote a calming, relaxing effect and reduces the mental “chatter” just before you sleep; Valerian,

Take the Challenge

Trash talking? You bet. Good-natured ribbing? Absolutely. A healthy competition? Excuse me, a free, healthy competition? Wouldn’t have it any other way, especially since “healthy” is the primary focus of EVEXIAS’ Wellness @ Work Challenge. Evexias’ 12-week Wellness @ Work Challenge began in Rockwall in May of 2017 and featured a minimum of three employees from these companies and organizations: Rockwall Chamber of Commerce, Rockwall Police Department, City of Rockwall, Rockwall County, Housewarmers, Ebby Halliday Realtors, Baylor Scott & White Lake Pointe, and Straughan Team. When Rockwall Police Department Officer, Colt Church, learned about the challenge from the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce, his response was a no-brainer. At 6’5” and 275 pounds, Officer Church knew that if he was going to have a chance of becoming a member of SWAT, he would need to get into better shape. And by shedding the extra weight, he would be able to participate

Fighting fit with Sermorelin, the natural growth hormone therapy

Age before beautyYou know the feeling. Your workouts are harder than they used to be. Despite your efforts, you haven’t hit your personal best for longer than you’d care to remember. Even after you’ve pushed your body to exhaustion, you find it difficult to finally get to sleep at night. And you’re not as active in the bedroom anymore.The aging process is a natural part of life. And while the process can’t be stopped completely, you can certainly give your muscles, skin and mind an extra boost – just as naturally as life itself. Get ready to take on every challenge that comes your way with the natural growth hormone therapy, Sermorelin.The facts behind the nameSermorelin is a synthetic compound that aids the production of natural growth hormones in the body. A key feature of this therapy is that it works while you sleep. During the REM stage of your

How to celebrate your BFFs

August 1 is National Girlfriends Day! The perfect moment for girlfriends around the country to get together and celebrate their unique friendships. But before you break out the bubbly or prepare a pan of brownies, why not think about a more memorable way to live up this well-deserved occasion? The real deal Girlfriends – your therapist, your right hand, your soulmates. They’re there when you need help with the kids, hold your hand when you’re going through a relationship crisis, keep you on track in life when you feel lost. They urge you to stay real and true to yourself. And of course, you wouldn’t think twice about doing the same for them. Plus, did you know? They are literally healthy for you. If you’re lacking in energy or frazzled from stress, they tell it to you straight. And are always up for joining you in getting a little

Sleep is back, and so is your love life.

Parents may blame raging hormones for turbulent teenage behavior. But what about harnessing the power of these hormones themselves? For those aged 40 or over, hormones can promote a good night’s sleep and increase intimacy levels. Hormones: the great equalizer Hormones are chemical messengers in our bodies that keep tabs on our internal functions and make sure our organs are working properly. Women know that even a slight change in their estrogen, testosterone or progesterone levels can result in symptoms such as low energy, moodiness, food cravings, loss of libido and weight gain. Men with low testosterone levels may also experience these symptoms, though TV commercials do their best to blame the symptoms on a certain part of their anatomy instead, leading to reduced awareness. So, what should you address first: your lack of sleep? Or low intimacy levels? In actual fact, the two are linked. Dr. Rachel Needle

An Insider’s Look at the Speedy Recoveries of Athletes

The thrill of victory…the agony of defeat. Each made more poignant by athletic injuries.  Athletes are regularly pushed to their limits, and beyond, sometimes resulting in an injury. Do you ever wonder how your favorite athletes seem to recover so quickly and are back in the game so soon after an injury? Do you wonder if there’s a way you can recover from your injury faster so you can get back to the sport and the active life that you love? Many are turning to platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP) to get back to the game fast. Platelet-rich plasma therapy has skyrocketed in popularity in every kind of sport imaginable. Some of the most famous athletes have used PRP therapy at one time or another to speed healing of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, nerves and more. PRP therapy can decrease bench time, speed healing, decrease pain and relieve chronic symptoms.

EVEXIAS embraces International Women’s Day: Be Bold For Change.

After experiencing menopause, Carol Dogans was having hot flashes, difficulty with thinking clearly, weight gain issues, and trouble staying motivated to exercise. “I lacked confidence,” she said. “I lost it because I could not think, and my mind and my body were failing me.” Dogans, 52, who works as a retirement plan consultant at Rockwall Bank, decided to be bold and make a positive change in her life by joining the EVEXIAS Wellness Group at Rockwall. “I said I’m going to bite the bullet -- and it changed my life when I chose EVEXIAS,” she said. “I didn’t realize how out of myself I was until I got EVEXIAS.” Since December 2015, Dogans has naturally lost 6 lbs. She attributes her weight loss to following an EVEXIAS wellness plan that was specifically designed for her. “I went from not being my confident self, being very afraid, because of what

Ditch the Table Salt: Go Natural for Iodine and Essential Minerals

Did you know that Iodine is such an essential element that the human body can’t function without it? Many people falsely assume that iodized table salt offers an adequate daily amount. For decades, Terri DeNeui, DNP, ACNP, APRN-BC, founder of EVEXIAS Medical Centers, has advocated for the importance of an appropriate level of iodine in the body. “In many ways, iodine is an unsung health hero,” she said. “The thyroid requires 3 mg of iodine per day and this quantity is much higher than the normal person will take in on a daily basis.” Low iodine levels are linked to increased risk of breast, thyroid, and prostate cancer. The thyroid glands soak up so much of the iodine that enters our bodies that the other glands become iodine-deficient, according to DeNeui. In the book titled “Salt Your Way to Health”, Dr. David Brownstein explains the role that natural salt

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