“New year, new you!” is a common phrase we hear this time of year or see splashed across social media.

While many people toss those words around, today we want to highlight the success of one patient who really took control of her journey to wellness!

Christi is a 30-year old nursing student who first came to us two years ago after getting fed up with fad diets and the unsustainable results they were offering.

Ready to take an integral approach and find long-term solutions for her weight loss and health, Christi came to EVEXIAS Medical Centers.

She scheduled an initial consultation to:

  • Have blood drawn
  • Learn about supplements
  • See what she needed to get set right on the path she was after

The EVEXIAS Approach

In the past, Christi had felt that many weight loss plans were too restrictive and impossible to maintain. With this in mind, her EVEXIAS practitioner recommended a 10-day detox.

Christi realized it was completely manageable and went on to try the 21-day detox, which she also loved. The combination of supplements and shakes proved to be a successful and realistic introduction to lasting health solutions!

What the Detoxes did for Christi

Christi finally felt some relief and was seeing results!

  • Improved problems associated with allergies
  • Fewer headaches
  • More energy

However, her journey to weight loss can be credited too much more than just a few detox programs. In fact, Christi says it was a book recommended by her practitioner in her initial consultation that got her in a new mindset and ready to tackle her weight loss for good.

The book, A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight by Marianne Williamson really put things into perspective and allowed Christi to realize weight loss isn’t only tied to physical attributes like diet and exercise, but mental and spiritual as well.

With this book as another resource in her arsenal, she could dissect why she kept regaining weight and why other methods didn’t work for her in the past.

She finally felt like she had all the tools she needed to follow through on the work to reach her goal! With support from her EVEXIAS practitioners, Christi dropped 65 pounds and feels better than ever before!

Lasting Health Solutions

Today, Christi takes various supplements but says her favorite is PhytoMulti and credits it with keeping her healthy year round. She also recommends doing a week of shakes or detox whenever she feels she needs to recharge and reset.

Christi says she knows some people think 30 is too young to turn to outside help for weight loss, hormone, or other regenerative therapies, but she wants you to know the power of preventative care is real!

She’s happy knowing that she was able to get control of her weight and health before it became more difficult.

Let Us Help You

Sounds too good to be true? Hear it from Christi yourself by checking out this video!

If you’re looking for real support, lasting solutions, and practitioners that care about your health get in touch with us!

Schedule your confidential consultation here or contact the EVEXIAS provider nearest to you today!

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